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Join the world of smart technologies & take the leap with ZeMaas! A multitude of apps for your day-to-day delivery, logistics & mobility services crafted to fill the gap in today’s market. ZeMaas offers delivery, mobility & logistics technology solutions for a variety of stakeholders within the market.

Maas Business App: Manage Your Business

Maas Business: Taking care of all business deliveries

Maas Driver Management App

Maas Drive: Better earnings with each request

Maas Ride: Ridesharing App

Mass Ride: On-Demand rides at your ease & time availability

Maas Pack: Sent on-Demand Deliveries

Maas Pack: An app for all your personal delivery needs

ZeMaas App: Order Delivery Pick Up or Dine In

Looking for different food options for your dinner? Get the ZeMaas app and order.

Maas Partner: Governance, Operator and Fleet Solutions

Maas Partner: Partner with us for our preferred services

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Zemaas desires to be a renowned high tech delivery service provider across North America & worldwide by providing business owners, drivers, operators & partners to benefit from our exceptionally tailored services.

Our mission is to transform Logistics & Mobility industry with the power of disruptive technology & optimize the shared economy model across the globe.

Zemaas offers solutions to fill the industry governance gaps, offer logistics to all size & types of business, digitally transform fleet operational models into the shared economy & invite investors to join this ever growing sector.

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Multiple services for a multi-tasked life!

Enjoy ZeMaas’ bundle of services designed to fit your needs; business needs, driving, delivery, food orders, mobility and more!

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Through adaptive and hybrid models, our stakeholders can benefit and adopt the framework that best fits their needs. At ZeMaas, we offer logistics and mobility technologies for all! Check us out on Digital Main Street!