3 Reasons Why your Business Needs Online Ordering
  • May 20, 2021
  • 6 Mins Read

3 Reasons Why your Business Needs Online Ordering

Nowadays, many businesses are shifting their focus to a digital first model and incorporating more digital platforms for the long term benefit of their business.

Especially now with the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses are relying on online platforms more than ever. Due to the constant lockdowns, the demand for online ordering and delivery services is increasing. Businesses are slowing down and need to reshape their business model to incorporate this digital strategy.

With everyone staying at home in lockdown, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to social media, smartphones, and using the internet more than ever before. People are shopping online more frequently. Whether that be online ordering in the form of contactless shopping with curbside pickup, or online ordering for delivery. Implementing an online ordering system is one of the best ways to turn a website into a customer acquisition channel. According to BigCommerce43% of global shoppers research products online via social networks.

The Benefits of Online Solution 

By setting up your own online shop, you can start taking online orders. In doing so, you’ve opened up a new channel to cater to new and regular customers! An online ordering platform can be used to take further customers orders online, but it can also be used to take in-person orders to make the ordering process more efficient. It will greatly reduce order entry and the time spent responding to customer service inquiries, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and eliminating repeated work.

We narrowed down 3 reason why your business should shift to online ordering today:

Quick and Convenient Customer Journey

The power of visuals and simplicity has been underestimated in the past decade, yet is now on the table by popular demand!

The great thing about using an electronic ordering system is that it allows for your customers to order fast which makes it extremely convenient for them. By making ordering products online convenient for your customers, they will also be willing to order more frequently from you. And sometimes will even order more than they would have by calling in, especially when they can see the full list of products with enticing photos.

Direct Connection with Customers

Customers also love to receive online updates on the status of their orders, and they’ll have greater confidence that their orders will arrive on-time and with the correct items. An online ordering platform also makes your business look and feel more professional in the eyes of your customers. Businesses that implement an online ordering system often say that their customers experience a more efficient and convenient ordering process. That increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. By implementing an online model, you’re improving your customers’ businesses as well as your own. With your own online ordering platform, you now have instant access to your customers and demographic information, so you can market to them easier.

Catering to what your customers need, understanding their demands and shopping behaviour is another bonus point when all things are going digital. Whether it’s a special occasion or annual promotion, you can update your customers round the clock with you weekly, monthly, or seasonal deals and promos.

Hassle Free Ordering Channel

When ordering online, customers care more about speed and price, not whether pickup is at a busy intersection or on a quiet side street. This lets businesses have the ability to easily handle multiple orders during rush hours or order batching with the help of online ordering. That greatly increases the range of business locations. This is much more cost efficient where businesses can save more money or even spend it to boost their online visibility.

Flexible, Affordable, and Customizable

Gone are the days of blackboard menus, with online ordering a business can easily add, edit, or remove menu items with ease. Got an item that is only available at a certain time of day? It’s now easier than ever to implement that on your online ordering system. This makes the whole experience flexible and customizable so that you don’t have to worry about anything but selling your products.

Not only you’re opening a new revenue and customers channel, but your own branded representation! In a time where everything is online, so is your business. Whether it was the logo, aesthetics, menus and products, a replica of your physical presence can now be digital with ease and in no time.

Best part is, this model doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or threatens your business profits, with multiple flexible bundles it’s now achievable and easy. And this is what we at ZeMaas offer. Our online ordering solution is a few click away from you reaching a broader scope of audience with our golden trio motto: flexible, affordable, customizable!

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