4 Reasons Why the Hospitality Industry Should Digitally Transform their Delivery and Mobility Models
  • أغسطس 17, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

4 Reasons Why the Hospitality Industry Should Digitally Transform their Delivery and Mobility Models

The hospitality industry faced many challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak. Both business travel and leisure travel declined dramatically, coming to a near halt worldwide. By late April in the US more than 90% of the population was under some form of lockdown. Similar lockdowns in the Asia-Pacific region led to a decline of about 65% in average occupancy rates in the area.

Renowned brands levelled up their game and have already invested in mobility services exclusively offered to hotel guests and loyal customers. But with the rise of the shared services era, a major shift occurred in the way hotels used to serve their customers. 

Here are four key reasons the hospitality industry should consider digitising and revolutionising the way they serve their clients’ mobility and delivery needs. 

1. Sustain Brand Essence and Grow its Presence

Hotel serviceHotel clients have high expectations on how a service should look and feel: luxurious, convenient, reliable, and timely! Now with a surge in delivery services demand, this industry faces a supply shortage that complies with the service standards they offer. 

And while technologies are quite common in the field, they do not only optimise time, cost, and effort, but also broaden the online presence of your hotel and expand your brand capacity to not only offer hospitality but also elite mobility and delivery services.  

2. Poor Representation with Third-Party Delivery Providers

Food deliveryHotel customers are not necessarily in-house guests but rather customers who enjoy the luxury of exquisite meals delivered at their doorstep. While this may have been a luxury a few years ago, it is more common now for households to host their feasts in style. However, to make this happen, many hotels turned to third-party delivery service providers to deliver their popular meal items.

Relying on such models may misrepresent the status quo of elite hotels when depending on available drivers, poor handling, and treatment of edible items and the brand-less attire this food is delivered through. 

ZeMaas offers smart solutions where you can optimise your existing fleet services and expand on time times of surge, under your brand name and by not having third-party delivery and mobility service providers misrepresent the elite brand essence and way of serving customers.  

3. Reduce Unnecessary Costs and Burdens

Maas Driver Multi PhoneZeMaas solutions will usher the hospitality industry through new business opportunities that will not only reduce costs by reaching customers directly, but will position it as a leading service provider ready to deploy technologies within a gradual implementation strategy that first responds to the urgency of delivery services. You will create a hospitality service that will be successful and sustainable.

Third-Party delivery systems can charge up to 30% commission fees that will heavily cut into your business profit margins. ZeMaas provides a “pay as you-go” model where you only pay for the services you use per transaction. ZeMaas eliminates loss of profits and time wasted by cutting-out the middleman so you can focus only on growing and expanding your business.

4. Shared Success with Partners and Stakeholders

ZeMass software can help improve connections between any of your partnered hospitality services or any other businesses you have relations with. ZeMass software systems can easily be integrated and adapted into any existing business model located anywhere worldwide. 

ZeMaas multi deviceThrough our ‘Shared-Economy Scope” model where all partnered services in your brand can get fleet, mobility and delivery services internally within the cities they serve. With all of your partners connected and united with the same software services, your success with ZeMass can become their success as well!

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