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About Us

ZeMaas was founded with a high aim to reach further destinations and accessibility across North America and the wider world. Founded in 2019 in one of the most dynamic cities on the globe “Toronto, Ontario”, ZeMaas is a team of knowledgeable, diverse transportation technology and business development experts that have come together for the purpose of providing safe, comfortable and smart technologies and/or software solutions for the fast-paced schedules of today’s generation.

ZeMaas is here to create a revolution in the world of Mobility and Logistics with loads of top-notch technology experiences. With a promise of taking its stakeholders, partners and end users to new heights with Developed Apps and Web Services

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The Maas technology have gone beyond standard in the form of 5 different yet interconnected apps that serve all users smartly. Unique platforms have also been developed to serve our partners in today’s modes of mobility.
One of the many perks of ZeMaas is the bundle of apps that offer custom and eccentric experiences to each user.

ZeMaas proposes with several sectors in the industry, fulfilling its goals and mission of utilising technology to serve all with shielded and efficient solutions. Special apps are designed for potential partners that entail; Maas Operate, Maas Fleet, Maas City, Maas Enforce, Maas Ensure and Maas Developer.

ZeMaas strives to grow into a reliabale and ehtnic solution for business owners and clients alike. We envision a smart future of movement are ready for the changing times ahead.

With ZeMaas, your services are guaranteed to reach the highest levels of covenience and effeciency you can imagine! From today’s transporation methods going into the era of autonomous vehicles and beyond!