Creating an Omni-Channel Online Ordering Experience For Your Customers
  • أكتوبر 26, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

Creating an Omni-Channel Online Ordering Experience For Your Customers

What is An Omni-Channel Experience?

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Have you encountered a customer who requested a product, only to look disappointed hearing that it is no longer available or not to their liking? Single-channel businesses which sell products via one sales channel can be inconvenient and can cause many roadblocks in a customer’s shopping experience. Multi-channel and omni-channel businesses sell over a range of channels which provides more flexibility and stimulates customer interaction. 


This diagram illustrates the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel customer experience:

Multi-channel vs Omni-channel diagram

From a study conducted by Harvard Business, 73% of all customers use multiple channels during their purchase journey such as social media, phone calls, websites, etc . Despite the surge it creates, multi-channels lack the capabilities to maintain coherence across all channels. That’s where omni-channel comes into play; while omni-channel businesses inherit the same qualities as a multi-channel business, it integrates a cohesive system that synchronizes different shopping platforms, advocating for a seamless shopping journey.

Omni-channel may comprise of, and is not limited to, the following: 

  • Table ordering
  • Online ordering
  • Mobile ordering
  • In-store (takeout)
  • Social media platforms


Why create an omni channel experience

1. Better customer experience

Omni-channel optimizes the ordering process, customer engagement, and operates with a focus on the customer’s entire experience rather than individual customers on separate channels. With 9/10 customers wanting an omni-channel experience, satisfying their requests will constitute better shopping journeys and customer gratification. 

2. Increase in sales and traffic

Expanding a business’ activity through different platforms provides greater accessibility, better accommodations, and convenience for the customers. As a result, omni-channel  customers spend more money than single-channel customers, stimulating the economical and social domain of the business. 

3. Boost customer loyalty

After an omni-channel shopping experience, customers have logged a 23% increase in their shopping habits. With an engaging brand, customers empathize with the company’s vision and establish attachment, returning for more.

4. Delegate resources efficiently

Leveraging omni-channels can publicize your brand name, reduce costs in certain areas (e.g. minimize in-store employees), gain professional development, and discover new platforms your business can operate on. 46% of retail executives said they planned to increase their investment in omnichannel retailing compared to their plans prior to COVID-19. 

5. Boost exposure  & brand awareness

Taking advantage of digital platforms can offer you fast, inexpensive, and effective ways to expand your business. With 4.2 billion active social media users around the world, it is an influential tool that effortlessly increases brand awareness, humanizes your brand, and allows you to gain opportunities that single-channel strategies cannot give you.. 


How to do it


While omni-channel can be difficult to implement, following a few guidelines can establish a strategy that’ll work for you and your customers and maximize the business’ potential.


1. Learn about your customers

Customers are the contributors to the success of your business. Researching your audience’s interest, needs, and behaviours can apprehend your customer’s expectations and tailor the business to offer products and services that customers desire. 


2. Select the right channels

Determine where your customers are shopping and what they’re doing. This ensures your business remains active, visible and accessible to a range of customers. 


3. Connect and maintain the channels

Bridge the channels and regulate its conditions. The system must be rigorously managed with consistent testing, documentation, and improvements. Without the proper apparatus, maintenance would cost you time and effort, but is crucial to deliver a seamless shopping experience.


How We Can Help

Operating an omni-channel business can serve many benefits, but also be overwhelming and laborious without the right systems. ZeMaas’ vision is to help business owners overcome the challenges of an omni-channel customer experience with a customizable system that can make it easier for all types of businesses. 

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ZeMaas provides practical solutions with our dynamic technology that can satisfy the ongoing demands of customers. Our complementary management system revolves around being transparent, versatile, and adaptable to ensure business owner’s have full control over their business and profits. 

ZeMaas Multi Device StackAs your business expands or continues their service offerings (e.g dine-in, pick-up, delivery), overseeing the logistics of each service may be frantic. The Maas Business App is utilized to manage all channel operations in one place, accelerate the ordering process, and grant flexibility to accommodate according to your business’ needs. The systems are continually reevaluated to guarantee consistency across all channels and implement new enhancements through customer feedback. 


Some other benefits our technology offers includes: 

  • Liberty of business’ performance and progress
  • Adaptable to specific accommodations
  • Reliable and secure technology
  • Detailed maintenance
  • Accessible under one directory
  • Simple and easy to use

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