From Mobility to Delivery, the Secret to Activating Idle Fleets
  • فبراير 24, 2022
  • 6 Mins Read

From Mobility to Delivery, the Secret to Activating Idle Fleets

Did you know that a typical over-the-road fleet can spend up to 40% of its time idling, with a driver going around in circles looking for work using up to 20% more fuel than the average trucker? When on-demand mobility is done successfully it can create a great balance between the demand and supply cycle and avoid these painful statistics.

Many of the mobility and delivery service providers have changed their ways of operations due to the unprecedented Covid-19 impact. Almost three-quarters (72.6%) of respondents to a Fleet News survey said less than 10% of their company cars are being driven for work as reported in Fleet News

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The impact on van fleets is equally significant, but, due to increases in demand from different parts of the economy, such as home deliveries, fewer vans as a proportion of overall fleet operations are standing idle. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a typical commercial truck can waste a half-gallon of diesel fuel per hour while idling. This is a significant loss in fuel and money to refill it in the long run.


The Many Features of ZeMass Solutions

ZeMaas’ fleet management solutions puts you in total control of your fleet, while offering convenience to businesses and drivers. The solution integrates on-demand delivery services and many more:

  • Demand prediction and optimization
  • Live tracking
  • Extensively detailed vehicular and driver KPI profile
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance and service reporting

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ZeMass solutions allow fleet operators to plan how a fleet will be deployed before a single vehicle hits the road. ZeMaas focuses on managing supply side constraints and understanding the demands placed in the market. 

With the involvement of skilled subject matter experts, we offer solutions that not only will take care of your business but also help the environment. 

Getting the Top Benefits

Efficiency can only be increased when there is a systematic approach towards the requirements of consumers. During the COVID-19 pandemic when the decline in ridership is heavy. ZeMaas offers an agile platform, Maas  Fleet,  where your existing fleets can be used for more than just ridership, they can be used efficiently in the field of delivery services such as deliveries to grocery, food or even medical supplies.  

Fleet owners can leverage this demand for logistics from retailers, supermarkets and restaurants and use their existing assets for the upcoming and growing trend of delivery services. With features like live-tracking so you can always set the right expectations with customers and track your drivers to make sure that they are compliant with your rules and regulations. 

As a fleet owner you can also increase job satisfaction, where drivers will have more control over their routine and will get more work and more chances to earn better money. Connecting drivers and fleet owners with customer needs can again help in building the economy system and reduce the traffic congestion on roads. With ZeMaas’ API functionality, drivers can predict demand for ridership and be available to their customers and generate more revenue on the road.

Such mobile and agile technologies help companies increase connectivity for drivers, communicate better to their needs, and cater the end customers. With easy integration in existing software environments, the software solutions as a service model provided by ZeMaas can be deployed easily, conveniently and immediately, helping you gain more profits in a struggling market. 

Maas FleetThere is no need to downsize or drastically change your business model if the ridership decline has had its toll on your business. With just some out-of-the-box thinking in the market, your business will open up to more opportunities rising in the future. Harness the power of technology and fleet management solutions to optimise your existing assets and get back into the driver seat! 

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