How to Grow Your Restaurant Sales With In-House Delivery Drivers
  • يوليو 15, 2021
  • 6 Mins Read

How to Grow Your Restaurant Sales With In-House Delivery Drivers

According to Ridester, third-party delivery companies take much more commission than advertised. Did you know that despite claiming to take just 25% commission on deliveries, third-party delivery companies actually take up to 42.75% of their drivers’ earnings?

With marketplace platforms, you are dealing with a “middle-man” where you and your drivers will not get access to your customer’s information, and yet you will be charged more with commission fees.

The Benefits of Using Your Own Driver 

There are many advantages and benefits with using your own in-house drivers compared to using third-party delivery drivers. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Gain control over your deliveries and ensure the best service to your standards
  2. Avoid costly communication issues and mistakes
  3. Maintain COVID-19 safety measures with ease
  4. Build relationships with loyal customers
  5. No loss of margins: lower commission – or even no commission fees at all
  6. Own the delivery experience
  7. Keep customer data, to maintain your customer base for the long-run

Most importantly, you will know who your drivers are and train them to your business’ standards and protocols. You won’t have to worry about being kept in the dark and not knowing who the driver is from these third-party platforms. This risks the outcome of customers being dissatisfied with the driver’s service such as being late, mis-handled deliveries, not friendly, etc.

The Disadvantages of Using Your Own Driver

While there are many pros to having your own drivers, it is important to understand that there will always be some cons—such as:

  • Cost of setting up and running delivery service
  • Ongoing upkeep of vehicles and management of drivers
  • Risk of being overwhelmed at peak times

Here is a breakdown of the main differences between in-house delivery drivers vs. third-party drivers.

Having in-house drivers will especially help smaller businesses with a loyal customer base that want to control their customer interactions.

But here’s the thing, if you already have a hired delivery drivers fleet, you’re quite well aware of these challenges and have made it through to the point you’re ready to utilise your existing assets again and again, you just need one main thing that should facilitate your fleet management and provides better control and management of your deliveries; hence the enabling technology.

How We Can Help You 

While this falls into the core of what we do, ZeMaas will help you overcome any challenges and save you cost and effort with the technology needed to manage your delivery and drivers. As you bundle up an online ordering website and enable deliveries, you can have our delivery technology add-on to your model to combine both: accelerated online orders (pick-up, delivery, or dine-in), along with in-house delivery operations.

By connecting your business orders solution, the Maas Business app, with our delivery driver technology it becomes all centralised. The Maas Driver App will make it easy to upkeep the management of your drivers and orders going out, not having to worry about any external costs or issues.

Some of the benefits that our technology provides: 

  • Reliable service so that you can feel secure
  • Accurate time and distance tracking
  • Performance reports and ratings to ensure your customers’ satisfaction
  • Bookings for deliveries to schedule drivers and reduce stress in busy hours
  • Driver scheduling and availability
  • Manual and auto assign features

Maas Driver marks one of the many products ZeMaas offers in bundles. In conjunction with the Maas Business App, you can manage requests and orders that are received. Some of the features included in the app entail:

Delivery is an important part of a business’ revenue stream, which was proven true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Hiring your own delivery drivers and using efficient technology will let you maintain control over your customers’ experience and maximize profits, maintaining your customer base for the long-run.

ZeMaas’ online ordering platform lets your customers order directly from your website, so that you can keep 100% of your profits. Book a free demo today!

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