Innovative Models for Telecom Companies
  • ديسمبر 23, 2020
  • 9 Mins Read

Innovative Models for Telecom Companies

The telecom industry’s growth and evolution has sparked previously unfathomable global changes and has revolutionised the way we communicate and do business in the past 20 years. As the demand for smart tech and tech in general grows, long-term trends in the telecom industry are difficult to identify as the industry grows. 

As industries converge and collide, internet-based companies that were once complimentary are now an essential need. Online content streaming is now the preferred method to watch TV shows and movies, text messaging and video conferencing have replaced phone calls as the predominant communication platform, especially amongst the younger generation.

Faced with a saturated wireless market and with lost revenue streams, telecoms are grappling to stay relevant in an ever changing environment and are looking beyond their main line of business for ways to extract more value from existing systems and networks. 

According to Statista ,the growth of the Telecom Industry has decreased by 1.4% over this year and growth is projected to only marginal increase further over the next few years if measures are not implemented. 

A Silver Lining for Sustainable Thriving

With challenges come opportunities! And the best way to win new customers in this ever evolving industry is to explore fresh opportunities that offer customisation through a diverse range of services. Telecom companies are urgently seeking bold opportunities to create sustainable models by developing new strategic lines of businesses and redesigning offers to reclaim their competitive edge. 

Telecom companies need look no further than to the fundamental trends that have emerged in the logistics industry. These trends are driving the need for a more connected supply chain and include:

  • Evolving consumer habits, increasingly seeking convenience through delivery services (as a key component of purchase decisions),
  • Businesses struggling to find affordable delivery solutions, and
  • Plummeting revenues in fleet management

Telecoms are not only in the position to leverage their assets to offer solutions, but also integrate external solutions and facilitate the digital needs of their business customers and end users. Developing value-added solutions to a variety of needs by packaging them into personalised data plans will generate long-term customers.

Major telecom companies in North America have already taken steps to ensure their market share and the future of their businesses by leveraging their resources and investing in IoT (Internet of Things).

A common theme among the large telecoms is their introduction of fleet management solutions to expand their range of services to their B2B customers in the US and Canada. New government regulations imposed effective June 12, 2021 will require fleet management companies to log driver Hours of Service (HoS).

Such examples include introducing custom services such as Connect, Business, and Geotab. Each company is competing for the fleet management solutions market share and adding to their own niche and bundle offerings of B2B services.

 ZeMaas: Your Logistics Solutions Partner

Although the telecom industry has reached a tipping point, it’s not all doom and gloom for telecom companies that choose to embrace the challenges in today’s market. As e-commerce continues to evolve alongside mobile technology, whether it’s shopping online or accessing services. 

Consumers of all ages have turned to the internet to meet their needs when transactions are increasingly facilitated on mobile phones. 

This is an opportunity for telecom companies to monetise transactions based on consumer habits and integrate ZeMaas’ Location-Based Services (LBS) apps into their vertical to provide customers with an exceptional user experience.

ZeMaas provides end-to-end scalable and customisable solutions in the logistics market, which is comprised of three major segments:

Fleet Management

ZeMaas includes location-based fleet-tracking offering telecom companies’ business customers access to real-time vehicle/driver GPS location tracking data from one centralised platform that integrates into existing fleet tracking systems. 

Through data plans offered by telecoms, businesses can schedule and reroute drivers to increase on-time arrivals and reduce idle time and fuel consumption costs. Thereby increasing efficiency and driving up productivity. 

As part of the data package, telecoms can also include data points that allow fleet managers to analyse their fleet’s performance over time. All of this will give them valuable insights into their future business strategy.

The main drivers of this segment are operational efficiency as well as a shared economy based model.

Delivery Management

ZeMaas apps are scalable and customisable so business owners of all types and sizes can connect with on-demand reliable drivers available to fulfil their business delivery and mobility requirements. Telecoms can offer their business customers data plans around their delivery needs such as pay-per-trip, batch delivery services, payment and invoice management systems and numerous other features.

The main drivers of this segment are affordability and a need for functional and simplified delivery solutions.

Mobility Management 

ZeMaas apps are extremely consumer friendly and can be incorporated easily into a data plan offered to B2B end users of either fleet operators or businesses for direct connection with mobility seekers.

The main drivers of this segment are individuals who will ultimately accelerate demand on services -whether delivery or ride- and fulfil the cycle between business owners and fleet operators through the integration of ZeMaas’ applications: ride/delivery request- business response.

Telecom companies are well positioned to use their capabilities to address these gaps in services and take advantage of the opportunities presented here by packaging location-based apps into their data plans for businesses and fleet operators.

Your Success with ZeMaas

Logistical services have become a hot topic to all players in the industry. ZeMaas has an experienced and devoted team of logistics and  industry experts that has spent thousands of hours creating the ideal Telecom solution for your business. ZeMaas delivers a logistics platform that is both customisable and scalable, offering you a near limitless range of possibilities to meet you and your customers needs.

Adopting ZeMaas’ smart logistics and mobility solutions will elevate your competitive edge for many reasons and here’s a glimpse:

  • ZeMaas provides a ready-to-deploy, one-stop solution offering instant time-to-market.
  • ZeMaas’ whitelabeling services offer you the opportunity to neatly package delivery and mobility services into your offerings.
  • ZeMaas does not obscure your brand presence but rather complements it, letting your business shine while doing the work in the background.
  • ZeMaas offers seamless delivery and mobility experience which will ultimately create customer relationships and improve Customer Loyalty while generating  new revenue streams at the same time.
  • Expand the range of services offered to existing customers.



Partner Today!

With strategic assets in place and an existing customer base, telecom operators are well positioned to up-sell and extract value from ZeMaas’ fleet, delivery and mobility management platforms. By investing in the IoT (Internet of Things) value chain and a strategic partnership with ZeMaas, telecoms can diversify and generate new revenue streams by packaging their data plans for B2B sales and also improve vital customer loyalty to their existing services.


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