It’s Time to Level Up Taxi and Fleet Operations
  • فبراير 11, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

It’s Time to Level Up Taxi and Fleet Operations

During times of market disruptions, companies can fall into severe decline depending on how the supply and demand structure gets impacted. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Taxi and Fleet companies when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In these times Fleet owners will need to drastically alter their business models to adapt and survive in these times.

The Elusive Answer

Taxi and fleet companies are missing a key element which is not enabling them to grow further and survive in this new mobility market, and that is technology to connect these companies with their customers and partners on-demand and in real time. It is not just the private taxi companies, most government run taxi companies are missing on profits due to the unprecedented decline in ridership and deficiencies from their intermediary service provider effect: AKA delivery service middlemen.

There is an urgent need for a platform that has an all in one management system which can manage, control, and govern the growth and business expansion for taxis companies. Drivers will get the opportunity to tap into a highly demanded and revenue generating delivery market as well.

ZeMaas Shines in Tough Times and Beyond

ZeMaas offers a set of solutions that are intelligent, deployable and ready to use. Major players in the transportation and logistics industry around the globe have already made the shift to the model of Software as a Service (SaaS).

ZeMaas gives a structure where you can pay-as-you-go, meaning you only pay per transaction and easily generate more revenue with the increase or decrease of trips made.

Efficiency can only be increased when there’s a systematic approach towards the requirements of your fleet with features like live tracking, fuel management ,vehicle down time, driver reports, maintenance costs and so much more. All of these can easily be integrated with our existing fleet systems in a way that minimises operational costs while maximising your profit. ZeMaas will lead to operational cost reductions and enable cheaper prices of taxi services offered which leads to higher demand and more accessibility.

Never Worry About What Can Go Wrong, Focus On What You Do Right!

The hassle of upgrading your software every month or worrying about paying more to upgrade can be a deal breaker. Many businesses delay or opt out of upgrading  software because they cannot afford losing profits due to the downtime required. But our system will provide automatic updates when they are ready to launch, so you can focus on your operations while ZeMaas covers the market watch, research, customisation and more.

We understand that COVID-19 has contributed to the steep decline of passenger ridership and severe financial difficulties. But ZeMaas can help you achieve everything possible to be a successful and resilient business no matter what the state of the market. You have your assets of taxis, drivers and even your loyal customers. All you need is a set of interconnected artificially intelligent (AI) systems that will support sustainable management solutions for your business, enhanced security measures and the ability to customise your business with customer’s requirements. That is what we at ZeMaas proudly do.

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