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About My Driver

To see the current route on the map, select “Your Trips” and then select the highlighted route from the list on the next screen.

The driver can set their availablility under the Availability option in the main menu.

To make changes on your profile, select the “Edit Profile” option on the main menu and select “Change Information”.

ZeMaas keeps the phone number for security purposes and to ensure the verification and protection of account ownership. The phone number from ZeMaas records is deleted only when you request for account deletion.

In case you lose data service on your phone, the app will re-establish the trip information as soon as the data services are restored. In case of further help, you can contact ZeMaas’s Help number.

Contact ZeMaas via Help phone number

Yes, you can cancel a ride even after confirmation

You can access them by navigating to Performance Report option.

You use ‘CHAT WITH ZEMAAS” option to connect with someone.

You are charged a cancellation fee when you accept a ride and then cancel it.

Once all your documents are approved, an email is sent from ZeMaas that informs you of your account activation.

There are times when the app can crash due to many reasons. You can try the below given steps to resolve the issue: 1) Log out and Log in the app again 2) Restart your phone. 3) Uninstall and Re-install the app. If the problem still persists, email us at c.care@zemaas.com

On the Driver app menu, click on the Performance Report to check your earnings.

Select Your Trips and then select the Upcoming tab to see any upcoming parce/ride requests.

No, you cannot create another account with the same contact details that have been registered previously.

All account deletion requests are processed by the ZeMaas admin.

السلامة والإمكانية للوصول

Safety and Security are ZeMaas’s top priority. Hence we have a feature called ‘Panic’ button, which can be used in case of emergencies or threatning situations. When the button is activates, we reach out to you SOS contact (which you added when you signed up with us).

ZeMaas has introduced a safety feature in the app called ‘Panic’ button. So, when you’re in a emergency or threatning situation, you can activate the button. ZeMaas then contacts your SOS contact supplies your live details to reach out to you.

You can report lost and found incidents to our customer service department ro email us at c.care@zemaas.com

Here are some things you can do before you start driving with us: 1) Have your phone mounted and charged 2) Inspect your car to make sure it’s ready for a smooth ride.

If the rider is approachable you can respond without sharing too much information. But, if the rider is intrusive, you can politely tell them that you need to focus on your driving.

As a courtesy to them, you can accept their request with pleasure and give him the freedom to choose or change the radio station.

You can apologize to the rider, inquire about the source of the discomfort and address it. Then, assure the rider that you will drive them safely to their destination.

You can politely respond to them and let them know that it’s not your concern, but it is your responsibility to drop them at their destined location. they can raise the issue with ZeMaas’ customer service team at c.care@zemaas.com.

Maintain a temperature that is comfortable for you and the rider.

You can contact ZeMaas directly via the help phone number. ZeMaas operator will assist you in delivering the package safely.

In compliance with international safety and health standards, and to create a safe and breathable atmosphere for everyone, it is not allowed to smoke/vape inside the vehicle.

You can use your existing policy considering it’s updated, valid and uploaded to the Maas Driver app.

Eating or Drinking is considered as a distraction while driving. Hence it is recommended that you consume before you start driving.

As a driver it is your responsibility to have a full tank before you start a ride request. If there is a ride request that cannot be completed in one full tank, then you can make a quick stop at the gas station.

In such cases, you can use the in-app feature and report to ZeMaas for a lost item.

The driver should accept the rider’s request and drop them off to a safe location free of charge.

قم بتنزيل تطبيق Mass اليوم

About Maas Driver

To schedule your availability, you can navigate to the ‘Availability’ option in the app. Here you can add your available time.

You can cancel an accepted ride by going to ‘Rider Details’ from the ‘Pick-up location’ screen and then select Cancel (Cancellation Reason is optional). You may also reach out to the ZeMaas team in case on any urgent matters.

If the rider/parcel sender makes you wait, you can start the waiting time on the Driver app. You will then be compensated for your wait time.

If the rider does not show up at the pick-up point, you earn a no-show fee. However, you will have to make sure that its a no-show by following these steps: 1) Tap to arrive at the pick-up location 2) Let the pick-up timer count down to 0 3) Contact the passenger 4) Cancel the ride and select ‘Passenger Unavailable’ as the reason.

No, the driver must complete the current ride request before taking on another ride request.

You can access this information by navigating to the ‘Your Trips’ option.

You can invite your friends to use the Driver app via ‘Refer a Friend’ option.

You can contact ZeMaas immediatey, so we can inform the parties right away about the delay caused due to traffic.

The driver can play music at a reasonable volume that does not disturb/offend anyone.

You can ask the sender/receiver to place a new request for additional parcels.

You can rate the rider at the end of every ride. Else you can navigate to the help screen and select the appropriate ride.

You can drop off the group back to their pick-up point and then report ZeMaas via help phone number and can explain the situation.

You can access the total distance for any period in ‘Performance Report’ under the main menu.

About Payments

ZeMaas provides flexibility to our drivers for delivery of items like document, edibles, non-edibles, flowers, laundy items and many more.

Parcels can be in any different sizes as indicated in the app (small, medium, or large).

Based on your registered vehicel type and the size of parcels, you can assign any amount of parcels, provided it does not exceed your vehicle’s capacity.

ZeMaas recommends that you accept currency as displayed in the app. If you do decide to accept foreign currency, it would be your responsibility to covert it as a form of payment.

You can contact ZeMaas and ask the passenger to wait in the car in the meanwhile.

Any gratuity payment must be reported by the driver after accepting it.

You may receive a compensation for a ride request that was started, but ended due to various reasons, which were beyond your control mesaures.

You can access your Total Collection by navigating to ‘Performance Report’ option under the main menu.

x Zemaas is committed to caring for the well-being of our customers, partners and stakeholders during COVID-19. While the situation is improving, we continue to stay vigilant and keeping up with all the precautionary measures to keep our employees and stakeholders safe.

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