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Current Openings


ZeMaas is looking for a Technical Sales Representative who is willing to work in a dynamic and fast paced environment. The ideal candidate shall demonstrate vivid experience in software sales and shall represent the company with existing clients and potential prospects with clear unified message and key solution benefits.

Roles and Responsibilities

· Maintain and grow sales relationships with existing clients
· Identify and solicit potential clients
· Assess clients’ needs, recommend or assist in the selection of appropriate goods or services, and negotiate prices or other sales terms
· Provide input into product design where goods or services must be tailored to suit clients’ needs
· Develop sales presentations, proposals, or other materials to illustrate benefits from use of good or service
· Estimate costs of installing and maintaining equipment or service
· Prepare and administer sales contracts and maintain customer records
· Consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support
· Troubleshoot technical problems related to equipment
· Develop and maintain technical product or service knowledge to explain features to clients and answer questions about goods or services
· Develop, implement and report on marketing plans and sales strategies to achieve business goals
· Assess market conditions and competitors’ activities and develop an awareness of emerging markets and trends
· A driver’s licence and a good driving record may be required.
· May supervise the activities of other technical staff and sales specialists.
· May offer training in the operation and maintenance of equipment


· Working towards a university degree or college diploma in a program related to the product or service is required.
· Experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the product or service is preferred.
· Fluency in English is required.
· A driver’s licence and a good driving record is preferred.
· Communication, problem solving, rapport-building, organisation, social media, customer relationship management tool skills are required.

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We are looking for an Information System Analyst to join our team! As an Information System Analyst you will be responsible for analysing, studying, and implementing new system solutions. You will be monitoring current processes and implementing new solutions with the goal to improve overall business efficiency.

As an Information system analyst, you will be joining a team of engineers and developers who are passionate about new IT systems, software development and different programming languages. If you are also interested in discovering and implementing new features, we would like to meet you.

Ultimately, you should be able to translate our internal and external clients’ needs into new high-quality IT systems. The successful candidate will be a team player with excellent listening skills and a ‘can do’ attitude.


· Meet and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to establish project scope, system goals, and requirements
· Deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot core business applications, including application servers, associated hardware, endpoints, and databases
· Develop, analyse, prioritise, and organise requirement specifications, data mapping, diagrams, and flowcharts for developers and testers to follow
· Define and coordinate the execution of testing procedures, and develop test cases to serve the overall quality assurance process
· Translate highly technical specifications into clear non-technical requirements
· Research and stay up-to-date with emerging technologies to decide if installing them can increase the organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness
· Oversee the installation and configuration of new systems to customise them for the organisation
· Manage the set-up and configuration of systems
·Develop and implement maintenance procedures, monitor systems health, gather system statistics, and troubleshoot reported errors and alarms
· Implement best practices for scalability, supportability, ease of maintenance, and system performance
· Provide documentation of all processes and training as needed
· Train the systems’ end users and write instruction manuals
· Train and educate others on the team


· Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, or equivalent experience
· 1-2 years’ experience working with information technologies and systems analysis
· Strong computer, hardware, software, and analytical skills
· Software design, documentation, testing, and maintenance experience
· Proven ability to assess business needs and translate them into relevant solutions
· Strong understanding and knowledge of the principles and practices associated with database maintenance and administration
· Experience installing, configuring, documenting, testing, training, and implementing new applications and systems
· Working knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages
· Excellent analytical skills

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At ZeMaas we are looking for responsible and highly motivated Sales Engineers who are ready to take on all sales responsibilities and will constantly strive to meet all sales goals and exceed client expectations. You are the driving force behind new and ongoing sales opportunities — directly impacting ZeMaas’ growth and success. The successful Sales Engineer will source new sales opportunities and close sales to achieve quotas.


· Originate, develop, validate, qualify, and close new software sales opportunities
· Build and maintain a network of customers and clients and promote the companies products and solutions
· Be able to continue productive and positive relationships with existing customers
· Achieve the company’s set Sales KPIs in terms of volume and profit margin
· Maintain and document sale records by creating and updating client profiles within your signed territory.
· To be able to build extensive knowledge about the system features and components
· To be able to provide training to prospective clients and customers
· Manage all client accounts and/or sales leads and provide it to the management when necessary
· Handle multiple accounts simultaneously
· Contribute to collaborative efforts and organise promotional events
· Comply to company policies and procedures in order to produce and follow an efficient sales strategy
· Use experience and ongoing training while representing the brand during all interactions
· Promote our product and services by educating clients about the benefits it brings to them
· Attend weekly team meetings to stay up to date on new services


· Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent field
· 2-4 years of technical experience in software development and operations
· Previous experience as a Technical Sales specialist is a plus
· Good established network and knowledge about the retailers, restaurants, governmental clients, and health care sectors is an asset
· Ability to establish new, effective and long lasting client relationships, including the ability to start new client conversations with the intent of origination

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ZeMaas is a one-stop app that serves on-demand Rideshare and Delivery services. We offer our services to all aspects of society. Having an all-in-one service will definitely be as handy and convenient as everyone needs. At ZeMaas we are looking for a competent Business Development Officer who knows how to connect to put our products and services into the hands of clients worldwide.


· Monitor the company’s industry competitors, new products, and market conditions.
· Research demand and new market sizing while exploring business development opportunities
· Develop a launch plan and financial plan for each market ZeMaas is willing to launch
· Translate high-level team objectives into actionable plans
· Establish early client and business relationships to lay the foundations for us to acquire customers when we’re ready to launch
· Coordinate with all internal and external stakeholders to ensure our services are launched according to its planned date and set standards while meeting all expected key metrics
· Implement best practices for fundraising and spearhead all business development efforts to build out the presence of ZeMaas.
· Help secure approvals, licenses, legal clearance and permits by working with city officials
· Develop partnerships and manage relationships with transportation operators
· Create a business development strategy to scale the client base and increase visibility
· Set up affiliations and work closely with Market Launcher to launch ZeMaas in the market
· Work collaboratively with Head of Business Development to provide feedback on our launch processes to help future speedy launches
· Create processes and procedures for operational teams, and navigate through the uncertainties of a new market launch
· Record and update the launch activities on a regular basis across the market
· Monitor a variety of launch KPIs such as launch date timelines, hiring, and reporting.


· A university degree or college diploma in:
Management Science
Project Management
Computer Science
Business administration
· Experience working with technology company or launching cities or markets or related field with a specialisation in project management, marketing.

Apply now and join our team of subject matter experts and dynamic professionals!

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Life at ZeMaas

Nour Saleh

IMC & Branding Lead

Being part of a technology-oriented workplace shifted my career into a brighter and a greatly rewarding direction! At ZeMaas Inc, I’ve had the opportunity to learn in a fast-paced, achievement-driven workplace, expanding my experience while working with multi-talented and diverse teams of subject matter experts and clients.

Jad Rammal

Regional B.D. Director

Being part of a dynamic tech company has been rewarding on different scales. Not only do we work along with field experts and mobility and logistics SMEs, but we also share one vision of bringing success to our stakeholders and are confident in the advancement of our proposed solutions. At ZeMaas, we pride ourselves in the diversity and talent of our teams and that is a key factor to our success.

Christina Valentino

R&D Manager

My journey with ZeMaas started as a graphic designer, allowing me to explore new ways of designing technology in today’s modern world. I’ve learned so much about product management, UX/UI, development, and how to be a leader. ZeMaas allows me to gain experience intellectually, logically and creatively. Working closely with a team with diverse educational and professional backgrounds, I’m able to grow each day working in such a collaborative environment!

Cyrus Variava

Product Specialist

I have worn many hats during the time I have spent with ZeMaas. Enhancing the online presence of the business through digital and social media avenues. Enriching client experience and garnering more business for the company. Joining ZeMaas has given me the opportunity to face these challenges headfirst and come out triumphant. Working with a multi-talented team not only helps me grow my career, but also helps me learn new skills and enrich myself!

Katrina Ouellet

Product Specialist

I have greatly enjoyed working at ZeMaas for the past year and a half. In those years, I have become an integral member of the Marketing and Design department and After Sales department as well as my initial hired position as Animation Designer and have developed innovative ways to contribute to the company. I am grateful to be a member of this organization, and I enjoy taking on assignments that allow me to contribute to the company and learn new skills along the way.

Sravya Devineni

Project Analyst

Everyday is a new challenge here. There is always something to keep me motivated and engaged. A fantastic place to develop, learn and constantly challenge oneself as no day is the same. ZeMaas is mission driven and focused on employee satisfaction and producing high quality work which creates a great environment to work.

Shay Niyaz

Test Automation Developer

I’m excited to be a part of ZeMaas’s constantly evolving technology. I learn something new everyday and I appreciate the opportunity given to me in performing multiple tasks apart from my own. ZeMaas is the “One Stop Shop” and provides everything a customer would ever need. Working with a diverse and friendly team that lifts each other up is an added advantage for contributing to ZeMaas’s success.

Nivetha Neethirasa

Accounts & HR Manager

Being a part of the ZeMaas team has provided me with great opportunities to learn and grow in my field along with the team. Everyday has brought new challenges and I was able to explore new fields while assisting with boosting ZeMaas’ presence in the market. I am grateful for this opportunity and the experience I have received through the various roles that I have taken on at ZeMaas.

Julie Hyunh

Graphic Designer

As a student who’s still figuring out their career path, being at ZeMaas has taught me so much and have given me great opportunities to grow my skills. I have been able to venture from the graphic design field and got to experience bits of other fields, expanding my knowledge and experience. Working with such a diverse team in a fast-paced tech environment has allowed me to learn skills both in and outside of my field that I definitely wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

Arsha Khan

Senior Full Stack Developer

Working with ZeMaas has opened a whole new world for me. Coming from a core development background I never really had the chance to explore the business side of things. I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience product development from scratch, to see an idea grow from being just a small thought into reality. Every day feels like a new challenge which makes it even more interesting. Collaborating with a diverse team that comes from different background helps bring a fresh perspective to the things we work on.

Jashan Padwal

Business Development Specialist

The atmosphere within this company established by the extremely talented members is phenomenal. Furthermore, this atmosphere encourages a team oriented environment where everyone can enjoy and work towards the common goal of ZeMaas

Yan Zhang

UX Designer Intern

As a UX Designer Intern at ZeMaas, I had the incredible opportunity to engage with a diverse community, develop various technical design skills, and gain exposure to the work of other departments. The diligence and proactive approach at ZeMaas has refined me into a more open-minded, resourceful and critical thinker, all of which are essential skills for my future.

Ravinna Raveenthiran

Technical Sales Representative

Being a part of a tech company that is directly contributing to the success and well-being of stakeholders and the economy has been rewarding. Being able to connect with a team of talented and phenomenal individuals has given me the opportunity to continue to learn and improve myself! I am excited to collaboratively work towards a brighter future with ZeMaas!

Rawan K

Business Growth Specialist

The exceptional knowledge and experience I have gained in the past year made me feel so powerful, I enjoy working and learning from a great team. We overcome challenges as a team which makes the job so enjoyable. The amount of success I have witnessed in just a short time is so motivating.

Kenn Biju

Technical Sales Representative

Working with ZeMaas is absolutely a honour for a young lad like me because I am able to find new opportunities everyday to grow and succeed in what I aspire to be in the future. For all those looking to kick start your professional career as a newbie ZeMaas is the right place and I thank ZeMaas for giving me the chance to prove what I am capable of and being my active guide in terms of teaching me what actually sales is all about. A workplace that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Akshita Bakshi

UX Designer

I’m grateful to be working with ZeMaas as a UX Designer. I’ve always had passion towards creativity and designing and working with ZeMaas helped me immensely in expanding my skills. I have great mentors in the team who push me each day to think about unique ideas and concepts in a different way. Collaborating with them helps me think about the challenges from a new perspective. The working style and environment is so flexible that you don’t have to worry about anything. I am happy to be working here and exploring new opportunities each day.

Doris Mazraani

Business Growth Executive

In the short time of being a part of this company, I have noticed many little things that made a big difference in my job so far. The amount of help that you can get from fellow employees is so great. The connection that the company and us as employees have as a team is amazing and I really enjoy it. The good energy that I feel since I been working at this company give me strength to believe it is not just a job, but it is my career. The little things always my make big difference and I’m enjoying all of it .

Deniz Duran

Technical Sales Representative

Working here with a very supportive and inclusive team has been a pleasure. I have gained a lot of valuable experience and learned a lot from everyone here. It has been a great journey, and I am thankful I had the chance to experience it.

Myra Alili

Business Acquisition Associate

It’s a big pleasure to be a part of the ZeMaas Team, having a very good mentor whom motivates us always on dealing with things around and keeps it in a balanced way that leads us to the next level.

Sara Abdelrahman

Business Acquisition Associate

Being part of this dynamic team and working at Zemaas has given me the power in achieving my goals with high-performance especially working with goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and skills. The collaboration, innovation and product knowledge motivated me to excel in this position. At ZeMaas, we all share one clear goal which is a strong sense of accountability and trust among ourselves and that’s what I have learned in my journey with ZeMaas. I’m so glad to work for such a wonderful company, with wonderful leadership.

Kieran Hansen

Web Developer Intern

Working with ZeMaas has been an incredible experience. What I thought was initially going to be a single faceted position evolved into so much more than that, offering experience and understanding that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. My time at ZeMaas has shown me that there is always more to learn, and I am grateful to have had the full support of the company in these endeavors.

Garrick Wong

Information Systems QA Analyst Intern

Working here has been a worthwhile and interesting experience. It’s been a great opportunity to venture into different parts of the software development cycle and learn new skills along the way. Every day has its fair share of enlightening experiences and it’s been a pleasure to contribute to such a promising and active team of tech professionals.

Lion Su

Product Specialist

As an intern, working at ZeMaas has been a wonderful experience. The friendly atmosphere and incredible support provided by other talented team members makes the working environment extremely comfortable. Being a computer science student, working with the product team has opened completely new perspectives for me in the software development process, and being a part of a rapidly growing tech company such as ZeMaas has provided me with numerous opportunities to learn new things every day and develop my skills in the tech industry.

Jennifer Lam

Technical Sales Representative

It has been a pleasure working with ZeMaas, I have learned so much from the time I worked here as well as I enjoyed working alongside with my colleagues. It truly was a fun experience and I am so happy to have worked here.

Fatima Moh

Business Growth Executive

It is a pleasure working with you, being a member of ZeMaas added value to my work.

Chrissanta El Boutros

Graphic & Product Designer

I believe that working with good people matters, because then the work environment is good. That’s what I learned while working with ZeMaas. There is trust and respect amongst the team, which makes the work even better. Being a part of the ZeMaas team has taught me many new skills, and I’m really grateful for that.

Mousbah Mousbah

Business Acquisition Associate

I like working in the F&B industry, and I love working in the sales industry. ZeMaas gave me the opportunity to combine them both!

Sahel Lokhandwala

IT System Analyst

At ZeMaas, there is always something new to learn everyday. Working with them I have learned that playing your role is not a limitation to your success. In fact, playing different roles can allow an opportunity to see things from different angles as the more roles you play, the more successful you become.

Abdullah Aslam Khan

Business Acquisition Associate

ZeMaas team is amazing to work with backed by professional & supportive leads has helped me to understand and execute sales tasks in a more professional manner. There is always something new to learn at ZeMaas. With daily sessions of how to improve your performance and constant motivation, there is always something to look ahead and achieve.

Sneha Gunale

Account Executive

ZeMaas provides me with unlimited opportunities for learning and career progression. Working around great people, gained me the right experience in the right place. I am grateful to work with such a supportive and energetic team.

Nihal Kawtharani

Business Growth Executive Marketing & Translation

Because of the incredible information and skills I have gained over these previous months, I value working with and learning from a fantastic team. We tackle problems as a team, which makes the job so much more enjoyable. The amount of progress I’ve seen in such a short time is quite remarkable.

Ahmad Abu Radwan

Business Acquisition Associate

Zemaas a company that has a big vision in the market and I’m glad to be part of the team.