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Enjoying your experience but still have a few inquiries? You can check out our FAQ corner and learn more about the features offered in the ZeMaas variety of customised apps. You can always reach us if you have further questions and our customer care team will be there to assist you.

Online Ordering FAQ

Our sales and support team will always be there for you! For any technical consultation, training, marketing support, and menu management, we will be gladly available to help and bring you the answers you seek.

Once you have the chance to attend our free demo, sign the agreement, and submit your category items and menu list, You’ll see your order popping up in one day! In 24 hours, you can see your online ordering platform live and running.

ZeMaas Online Ordering solution is absolutely commission free! No hidden charges or fees will surprise you along the way. All plans and payments are clearly set on our website and your agreement with our sales team.

In simple steps you can have your orders running through your platform in no time. Start by claiming your free demo meeting and our team will gladly walk you through our system and live-demonstrate how you can manage your online orders and payments. Liked what you saw? Our sales and support team will walk you through activating your platform and will be there for your business inquiries before, during, and after activating your online ordering page.

Maas Business FAQ

ZeMaas offers delivery services without a binding contract. Our partners follow our approach “pay as you go” where the delivery fees are all that is collected. The fare structure is based on a percentage that decreases with the addition of request to reach almost 50% less that what’s available in the business delivery market.

Having reliable drivers is a preeminent requirement for ZeMaas. All our drivers are screened and examined and even personally interviewed before they are made a part of ZeMaas.

For every business owners we partner with, there is no fixed fare structure.

You can place delivery requests as frequent as your business needs. You can book in advance or on-demand and our drivers will respond to your requests promptly. ZeMaas also offers multiple deliveries in one ride services that consider the shortest routes for added efficiency.

Easy! You can choose either in cash or credit, radius or actual distance based or even a pre-estimated fare through the system.

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Maas Driver FAQ

Drivers get paid on a weekly basis and can afterwards choose to get paid at any time as per their convenience.

Yes, you may get added tips from your customers on your services. Customers are given the option to voluntarily add a tip for their trip driver.

You can check your earnings on the Maas Drive app, under “Performance Reports”. There are multiple options on the list that must be selected with dates, then select “daily earning” and the app will calculate and display them automatically.

You can schedule your Availability from the left side menu, then pressing the “Add” button. Here you will find time sets in a drop-down list. You can then submit your date and time of availability from that list.

You can cancel your booking by navigating to the ‘Rider Details’ and then at the pickup location screen select ‘Cancel’ and give a Cancellation reason. You can also reach out to teh ZeMaas customer service in case of any concern.

Maas Pack FAQ

Yes, you can. ZeMaas Pack app supports ordering and booking multiple rides or deliveries at the same time. Based on the capacity of the vehicle, it’s applicable to add multiple stops on the ride and customers can send multiple orders on the same ride.

With ZeMaas as your delivery partner, you will get on-demand delivery services for all types of items like groceries, apparels, flowers. Packages of all sizes, last minute assignments, medications and much more.

ZeMaas customers are notified either through a pop-up notification on the web site or via text message with the parcel’s tacking number. You can also live-track your deliveries on the map found through the ‘Upcoming deliveries’ tab, then ‘Trip information’. Non-registered customers will be notified via text message with a tracking number of their parcels as soon as it gets picked-up.

ZeMaas app is launching in the North American states and provinces. It has plans to expand and reach further customers for ride-sharing and delivery services at international levels.

An option of “Get Free Ride” is available on the app. It explains the method of sharing ZeMaas services on social media platforms or other communication services. After sharing the invitation code, you can get $5 off for any future rides or deliveries. You can also use promo codes from that you may receive from a friend or ZeMaas.

ZeMaas App FAQ

Maas Pack is a delivery service-based app where customers can request delivery for any item except for food or meal deliveries. ZeMaas app is a food delivery app that offers customers to order food or meals.

ZeMaas food delivery is administered right from handling to delivering. We use special thermal delivery bags to guarantee food as hot as it was when cooked. ZeMaas also partners with heat monitoring service providers to ensure the quality of service offered to our customers.

Maas Ride FAQ

A cancellation fee is the amount imposed when a user cancels their pre-booked ride or delivery after the cancellation time limit which differs from one city to another

Yes, you can change your destination at any time during your ride. The change of destination or adding stops can be done at any time before reaching the final drop-off location.

There are no limitations to add multiple stops if the rider needs to stop to pick or drop off a friend or even run an errand on the way. Riders are given a 60 second free of charge waiting time on their first stop. Later they are charged on the extra time and the amount is added to the final receipt.

To confirm a ride for someone else, you simply need to change the contact number on the booking confirmtion screen. The driver will then contact the associated number for the ride

ZeMaas offers a limited waiting time up to 90 seconds at the pick-up point. After exceeding this limit, the system automatically adds the extra waiting charges to your fare receipt.

Safety and Accessibility

On the rider or business account select ‘Book a ride’ and add the pick-up and drop-off points. Then on the next page you will see an option ‘Custom’ as a section of ‘Preferences’ write ‘Accessible services’ for the person who needs special accessibility related accommodation then the customer service team will send the vehicle that can accommodate you.

Yes, you can. When booking a ride under the ‘Custom’ option, select ‘Preferences’, and then choose the ” Pet friendly” option and get your ride with your pet.

A standard insurance is required based on the region where the driver is driving their car. We typically request a standard personal car insurance of each driver’s vehicle for the safety of our drivers and customers.

Safety and security are the top priorities of ZeMaas. With our special safety feature of ‘Panic’ buuton you can ride and drive feeling secure. When you press this button, ZeMaas immediately responds and contacts your emergency contact with your current location and other details.

If you have faced any issue/injury or would like to report another issue, you can do so by navigating to the ‘Help’ tab and select the option related to the inquiry or complaint. You can also email us directly at c.care@zemaas.com to report any raised issues or complaints.

ZeMaas drivers are qualified drivers who are obligated to report any lost or found items incidents. If that is the case, then you will be contacted by our customer service team to retrieve your item. You can always reach us through our customer care email c.care@zemaas.com , our live chat feature on the website.

x Zemaas is committed to caring for the well-being of our customers, partners and stakeholders during COVID-19. While the situation is improving, we continue to stay vigilant and keeping up with all the precautionary measures to keep our employees and stakeholders safe.

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