Getting the Boons While Avoiding the Banes of Delivery Services
  • January 13, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

Getting the Boons While Avoiding the Banes of Delivery Services

The trend of eating food from restaurants has become quite popular over the years. It has become a sort of a tradition for people to gather and meet socially while eating and enjoying food and drinks. Since the popularity rose, so did the number of restaurants. In a report by fuzzfly, friends and family would eat at least once a week outside to enjoy and have a good time.

Yet, this trend witnessed blended preferences of dine-in, take out, or home delivery mode, and since the pandemic hit, this norm has shifted significantly to ensure everyone’s safety and was strictly offered in the form of take out or delivery mode in some regions.

The trend of online ordering also grew over time, before and post the pandemic. Soon, there were several restaurants offering online ordering options. However, some restaurants were not able to create and manage their delivery services. They had to hire third party delivery services that gave their customers the privilege of online ordering. For a while these restaurants were doing very well considering they have their meals delivered to customers’ homes at their convenience.

When the COVID-19 outbreak came, that forced restaurants to shut down their indoor dining. Most restaurants prior to pandemic were doing just fine even after hiring third party delivery service providers, since they had most profits earned through dine in. It is reported by pos.toastab that almost 44% of sales were generated from dine-in customers and 25% through online ordering. The fact that they gave away 30% of their delivery profits as a commission did not cut into their bottom line. But now door-to-door delivery was the only way they could make profit. These commission high fees would cause them to close their doors for good.

The Harsh Truths of Third-Party Delivery Services

According to a report by UpServe the The hiring and usage of third-party delivery services by restaurants from February to April increased by 168%. But many found they were unable to make little or no profit, and in many cases ended up going destitute anyway. Restaurants that desired to terminate their contract due to losses ended up in even worse shape. That is because third-party delivery services use and promote their brand rather than their clients. 

This means that the Restaurants would lose most of their customer base along with the delivery service.  

Many restaurants have started to fight back against the third-party delivery business practices and fees. The issue has escalated to the point where major cities such as New York, San Francisco and Toronto have taken steps to reduce third-party delivery fees. Unfortunately, the demand for delivery keeps surging each day regardless of the current delivery service dilemma. 

While many restaurants have been fortunate and successful in creating in-house delivery systems but have been unable to deliver on time or failed to cope with the increasing demand of online orders.

ZeMaas Delivers in the Market

What restaurants need now is a platform where they can manage their orders and have a system for online ordering and delivering without the additional fees and baggage. ZeMaas provides a bold and innovative Software as a Service  (SaaS) model of Manage-Govern-Operate . 

Our software solutions are given to you ready to go so you can easily use it while putting your time and effort towards the growth of your business. ZeMaas also provides a delivery system where the restaurants get to keep their brand name and have your food delivered while avoiding heavy delivery fees. You eventually get the benefits of a delivery service while avoiding any of the potential banes in a “pay as you go” or per transaction form. 

Restaurants are also in need of a proper tracking system that can offer on time deliveries to its customers and in dine hot food delivery experience. With ZeMaas all these things are possible. We not only offer online tracking of agents, but offer add on services such as temperature control and tracking systems to make sure your customers get the best experience from your food thus forming customer loyalty. 

As a restaurant owner, you will have more control over your systems. You will be able to keep track of all your stocks, invoices, and deliveries. With our trained staff and technical support, you will be able to optimise your existing resources efficiently. Regardless of your current situation ZeMaas offers a one stop solution that can well fit your existing systems and form a brand sustainability for your business. 

ZeMaas will help you turn the current delivery service market from a lose-lose scenario to a win-win one!



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