How ZeMaas Creates a Balanced Ecosystem in the Delivery Domain
  • March 25, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

How ZeMaas Creates a Balanced Ecosystem in the Delivery Domain

The future of mobile technologies is bright and shining. It has brought people and businesses closer. Making it easy and convenient to order products, food or almost anything, anytime, anywhere. This has become the newest trend for most consumers, especially for the rising millennial generation.

Online and mobile deliveries truly became the new normal for everyone when COVID-19 pandemic hit and nearly all businesses were forced to either shut down or greatly reduce their physical operations.

We enjoy increasingly diverse ways to create value using technology, but we can easily forget how these technologies can affect our ecosystem and how it will impact the market as a whole.

What is an “Ecosystem”?

Imagine a grocery store that offers delivery of its products to customers. This store will require a physical infrastructure like a store and a warehouse to store and display its products, followed by a requirement of vehicles like a car/motorbike  as a mode of transportation to fulfil deliveries.

However, without consistent and well organised infrastructure, this cannot support a scalable and resilient delivery system. Many businesses are not prepared for setbacks that can and will occur such as drivers unable to work, vehicle breakdowns or sudden spikes in orders and demand. Such inefficiencies in delivery can result in customer dissatisfaction and affect the businesses growth.

Learning the Hard Way

During the holidays last year, several shipping companies offered same day delivery. However many of them could not fulfil the promise like the now infamous face of Amazon. According to the rate of late/delayed delivery from Amazon increased by 4.6% during the 2019 with delayed sometimes going well over a week. This of course led many dissatisfied customers and was one of the leading factors that led to Amazon terminating its partnership with FedEx. When even the largest delivery company in the world Amazon struggles with today’s supply chain demands. How can smaller scale businesses keep from being completely buried in today’s market?

As the demand for online deliveries continues to rise, many online retailers struggle to keep up. Forbes published a recent article explaining that the biggest issue facing current supply chain management is the inability to deliver products on an urgent and immediate basis. Many customers now expect fast and even same-day delivery that most retail chains have not prepared for. Companies have increased the size delivery fleets to ensure their customers will receive their deliveries on time.

Deliveries still need to be made and consumers still need their products on time. Now imagine if hundreds of such stores became a part of a well-balanced ecosystem of new mobility. They would satisfy their customers’ delivery needs, grow their business and optimise resources that already exist in the ecosystem.

Discovering the Reasons for Such Imbalance

Businesses that have been managing their own in-house delivery systems are finding operational fixed costs, making this model less sustainable. The increase in demand is making it difficult to fulfil the delivery volume and this showcases the need to tap in the resources of other businesses with slower demand and number of orders.

Businesses that employ third-party delivery services end up giving away up to 30% of their profits. This takes a serious toll on them during this pandemic as the percentage of orders coming through these third party delivery providers have increased significantly. This translates into a higher number of orders with smaller profit margins.

To balance the delivery ecosystem, we need a technology that would boost business margins by providing a more affordable model and optimise the use of delivery vehicles already on the road, which means the technology should be an enabler of sharing resources in the same geographical area. The evolution of Software as a Service (SaaS) will enable disposing of outdated ways of delivery by providing businesses to pay per transaction instead of having a fixed operational cost that will eat more of their profit margins.

ZeMaas Tips the Balance in Your Favour

Typically for businesses to make changes to enhance their services, they must partner with a service provider. The main concern businesses have when deciding a provider is the evolvability of the software used and cost of taking up the service. ZeMaas offers a solution that takes these factors into account to create a significant positive impact in profits and growth.

These businesses can request a delivery and only pay for that transaction. Enabling businesses to have a competitive advantage in the market.

With an on-demand delivery service, Businesses will be able to optimise existing vehicles and drivers on the road, thus reducing the pollution and traffic on the road. Any cost barriers can be removed by partnering with ZeMaas. We offer better delivery solutions than any traditional delivery solution providers in the market and at a lower price. Our mission at ZeMaas is to cater to as many businesses as possible and at the same boost customer satisfaction with fulfilled deliveries.


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