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No, the business owner has no liabilites for damanges/injuries that happen during deliveries.

The business owner gets a discount on the cost of the delivery fees.

You use ‘CHAT WITH ZEMAAS” option to connect with someone.

You can manage your subescriptions under ‘Settings’.

You can use the emergency SOS feature that is available in the main menu.

You can delete your account by sending a request to the ZeMaas admin.

No, there is no insurance on the delivery of items. The driver is responsible for making a safe delivery.

Use a recognizable name and upload a clear profile picture that represents your business. You can also ask customers and drivers to add your business to their favourites.

Deliveries, and Courtesy rides for your customers.

There are times when the app can crash due to many reasons. You can try the below given steps to resolve the issue: 1) Log out and Log in the app again 2) Restart your phone. 3) Uninstall and Re-install the app. If the problem still persists, email us at

You can select ‘Your Orders’ from the main menu to view your current or previous orders.

You can assign multiple orders to the same driver with the batch order feature on your dashboard. You you can create a batch and set time intervals for requests. You can then add multiple existing orders or create a new order and add it to the batch. However only orders that fall in that pickup interval can be batched. Once ready, you can then dispatch the request and it will be assigned to one driver.

ZeMaas has a smart system that finds the best route to deliver a batch with multiple orders. The business owner will get notified in the Maas Business app, every time a delivery had been dropped off. Also, the business owner can track the driver live while on route.

This feature has not been implemented in the Maas Business yet.

At the sign-in screen, select the ‘Forgot my Password’ option. You will be redirected to the password reset process page.

Yes, the business owners are required to compensate for driver’s waiting periods.

Safety and Accessibility

With the live map feature, you can request a signature and a tracking number to be provided to the receiver to track your parcels.

ZeMaas works with reliable drivers, but if a situation of conflict arises, we would like to know more to help resolve the issue. You can email us at and wour team of experts with get back you.

Yes, you can assign deliveries to a specific ZeMaas Driver. You can simply add the driver as a ‘Favourite driver’ by using the Favourites feature under Settings.

You can request deliveries of parcels of 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

You can send as many parcels per trip as your clients and business needs provided they can fit in the vehicle.

ZeMaas provides flexibility on delivery of all types, you can deliver: documents, edibles and non-edibles, flowers, laundry fragile and much more…

You can report the incident to ZeMaas and then contact another driver.

You can report the incident to ZeMaas and then contact another driver.

If the driver damages an item, or you receive a complain regarding a damage from the customer, then you should report the incident to ZeMaas.

It is the driver’s responsibility to find a safe/permitted parking spot at the pickup/drop off location. The business owner should report this incident to ZeMaas, and then find a different driver to make the delivery.

You can contact ZeMaas via help phone number. ZeMaas will resolve the communication issue.

The driver is responsible for the injuries during a delivery. If the injury is due to unsafe workplace of business owner, then the driver is eligible for payment from the business owner. In any event, driver should be attended to and taken care of immediately. ZeMaas and all appropriate authorities should be notified.

It is the driver’s ressponsibility to safely deliver the product. In case of any mishap, they are held responsible.

You can ask the driver to contact ZeMaas immediately and report the details of the accident.

Wash your hands regularly and also minimize unnecessary contact between you and the driver.

You can label packages with food allergies and instructions to protect you customers from allergies.

ZeMaas operates in all major urban cities in any country.

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About Maas Business

The Maas Business app offers special customer features like: Multiple Deliveries in one ride, Payment and Invoice Management, Competitive rate, Live Tracking and Service Integration. With these features Maas Business helps teh business owners to facilitate business deliveries and mobility needs.

With the Maas Business app you an plan ahead and schedule all your upcoming deliveries under advance booking on your app dashboard. Assign the date and time you wish your parcels to be delivered and schedule ahead.

Yes you can! The Maas Business app joins delivery and mobility services, allowing you to book rides for your customers at anytime.

You can download the Maas Business app on Tablets, (Android and iOS) or can access the web version of the app by signing in at

You can submit a request, but it is up to the driver to accept the request.

Although ZeMaas cannot guarantee a specific delivery time, we make our best effort to deliver items on a timely basis.

Yes, you can use the app to carryout deliveries between different restaurants.

The business owner can define the package sizes by dimentions & weight, and set different prices for them.

You can contact the driver immediately and also extend the batch to make another delivery to correct the mistaken item.

You can report this issue to ZeMaas immediately and can also arrange another delivery for the customer.

Business owners can give a rating to the driver either at the end of the ride request or any time later by navigating to the help screen and selecting the appropriate past ride.

The business owner can report a driver in-app when the driver completes the delivery.

Yes, the business owner gets a notification whenever driver completes any delivery request.

The business owner can ask the customer to place a new order. However, the customer will be charged for both orders.

You can advertise on your website, on restaurant windows, or on social media platforms.

First confirm that your restaurant made the order correctly. If the order was shipped correctly, but the customer did not get the correct order, then contact ZeMaas via help phone line.

About Payments

A cancellation fee is the amount imposed on you, when you cancel a pre-booked delivery after the 2-minute time limit passes and the driver has accepted your request. Cancellation fees is charged to compensate the drivers for their time and gas.

Yes, you can collect cash payments from the customers.

Business owners can have their payment systems customised as per their convenience.

The Maas app accepts cash and credit.

Yes, you can change the payment method as per your convenience.

You can either add your credit card details in the Wallet of the app or ZeMaas will send a daily summary of pending amount to you.

Yes, ZeMaas enables the customer to change the payment method at the door step.

You can access/manage payments/view credits in the Wallet option of the app.

If the payment is done through a credit card, then the payment is deducted after the driver completes the parcel delivery request and receiver signs for the parcel.

You can contact ZeMaas via our help line, so we can arrange another method of payment.

When booking the next delivery request, select the ZeMaas credits option to pay with the collected credits.

Yes, you can add your debit card as a payment option in your app’s wallet.

The receiver does not have to provide gratuities to the driver.

All changes can be made under the ‘Promo Code’ option.

Yes, our automated system will reconcile all transactions on a weekly basis and transfer amount owed.

ZeMaas’s automated system reconciles all transactions on weekly basis and transfers the owed amount.

ZeMaas takes all precautions to secure your data, so you can utilize any of our services at ease.

x Zemaas is committed to caring for the well-being of our customers, partners and stakeholders during COVID-19. While the situation is improving, we continue to stay vigilant and keeping up with all the precautionary measures to keep our employees and stakeholders safe.

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