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Let’s get connected and be part of the world’s dynamic era! We all deserve to enjoy technology and allow it to make our lives easier, so what better than to start with the way we move around? Maas City Management Solution allows operators, fleet owners and/or governmental entities to open the doors to new revenue streams, job opportunities for citizens, and to enhance local safety! A holistic management solution.

Join the stream & allow ZeMaas to set your life on the go with our Maas technology for better delivery services and ways of movement.

Growing Together With Our Cities


Jobs for Your City

ZeMaas will open new revenue streams for people who wish to make extra income within a limited schedule.

Our set of solutions opens more job opportunities because of their flexibility in serving multiple markets within logistics, mobility and delivery.

Job opportunities are important for economic growth and development for an advanced and innovative economy


Better Life

ZeMaas will have a positive impact on the quality of life of people. It will increase the “Happiness Index” among people by adding more convenience and affordability.

Innovative technologies readily available for the public provides more convenient lifestyles at your finger tips- especially for everyday activities like commuting!

Quality of life is always significantly higher at places with high job creation rate. It will also innovate and gain local and international reputation, whereas innovation will alternately attract Millennials and other tech savvy professionals.


Added Revenue

ZeMaas will create more revenue streams for people of the city. It will help boost the local economy by enhancing people’s accessibility to the market.

It will also create more revenue through (tax and fees) for local municipalities while also helping in creating long term and short-term economic development plans.

Maas City Management Solution will allow you to plan and manage current and future operations for growth opportunities.