Maas Fleet

Your Partner on Road

Bigger Customer Base

Do you have a fleet and looking to improve its efficiency and operations? Maas Fleet Management Solution is the solution for you! Completely manage and monitor your assets and drivers, with also the possibility of expand your fleet’s services to expand your customer base.


Increased Revenue

Greater efficiency with Maas Fleet Management Solution in your operation will result in more deliveries, rides, and of course, more revenue for you!


Fleet Utilization

Improve efficiency with our proprietary software so drivers are not idling unnecessarily and assets are being utilized at all times


Customer Base

Tap into our network of customers and Business owners and secure your place and competitive edge in the mobility market so you can grow your customer base


Brand Awareness

ZeMaas technologies are labelled, allowing your brand to shine. Our apps and systems can be customized to your fleet’s needs, so you can spread brand awareness within the marekt


Real Time Traceability

Prevention is better than cure. Know where your drivers, riders and parcels are at all times because being able to provide great customer service


Training & Support

Bring your drivers and we will support you with our sales & marketing teams. Drivers will be trained on all applications and know how to use them like a pro!

Manage Your Drivers

Maas Driver allows you to fully manage your fleet of drivers with ease. Learn how our convenient Maas Driver app can help you monitor and track your drivers for safe and efficient operations. No hardware needed!

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