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About My Pack

Select the side bar menu, then select ‘My Pack’. From the drop down select either ‘Sender’ or ‘Receiver’. On the next screen confirm the delivery.

All account deletion requests are processed by the ZeMaas admin.

You can track the status of your parcel from ‘My Pack’ option and select ‘Sender or Receiver’. Then select the highlighted

You can connect with us through the ‘Chat with ZeMaas’ option.

Maas Pack is a state of the art technology that enables individuals to send and receive packages from the comfort of their home.

Safety and Accessibility

You can choose between 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Small.

ZeMaas provides multiple delivery options like: Documents, Groceries, Food, Laundry, Fragile items, or even Electronics

ZeMaas works with reliable and highly professional drivers, but in the very rare cases where a situation of conflict arises, we would like to know more to help resolve the issue. To report the incident, you can navigate to the “Help” section in the app and select the “Need help with any previous trip?” option or email us at and our team of experts with get back you.

ZeMaas offers live tracking feature, through which you can track your delivery. A tracking number is also provided to you to track your parcels.

No, you cannot create a new account with the same contact details.

You can send as many parcels per trip as long as they can fit in the vehicle. It also depends on the size of the parcels.

The sender can contact ZeMaas, by navigating to the Settings menu and in Help section selecting the ‘Chat with ZeMaas’ option.

ZeMaas does a thorough background check before hiring its drivers. ZeMaas also tracks every booked delivery constantly for provision of excellent and guaranteed customer experience.

The parcel is left at the door step of the receiver and the sender is notified about the completion of the delivery.

ZeMaas works with reliable and highly professional drivers, and it is very rare for such cases to happen, but if a parcel is lost for any reason, ZeMaas will offer in-app credits for losses. The amount will be credited to the original creator of the request.

The driver is not allowed to contact you for any reason after the deliver has been completed and the payment has been processed.

You need to contact the ZeMaas operator immediately via help phone number. and explain the extent of the accident. So, they can notify the receiver waiting for the parcel.

No. If you did not expect to receive a parcel from anyone, simply ask the driver to leave the package on the ground, and then contact ZeMaas help and inform them about this.

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About Payments

A cancellation fee is the amount imposed on you, when you cancel a pre-booked delivery after the 2-minute time limit passes and the driver has accepted your request. Cancellation fees is charged to compensate the drivers for their time and gas.

Yes you can, drivers will collect your cash payment.

Delivery request fees must be paid at the end of the trip.

Payment is done at the completion of the delivery. But, if the sender wishes to pay before, then they can when the driver comes to collect the parcel.

Usually, the sender pays for the delivery but the receiver can also pay for it in cash when they receive the parcel.

If you are paying with a credit card for parcel delivery, then the payment is deducted when the parcel is delivered and the receiver signs.

ZeMaas recommends that you accept currency as displayed in the app. If you do decide to accept foreign currency, it would be your responsibility to covert it as a form of payment.

If the receiver cannot pay for the parcel delivery at the drop off, then the driver needs to report this to ZeMaas either at the end of the trip or any time later by navigating to Settings > Help > Selecting the appropriate trip.

Our “Maas Pack” app supports all major credit cards.

Neither the parcel sender nor receiver will have to provide gratuities to the driver. However, if you wish to tip the driver in recognition of their excellent performance, this will be welcomed by the driver.

The sender or receiver can add their debit card as a means of payment in the Wallet.

The sender or receiver can access and manage payment methods and view Maas credits under the “Wallet” option.

When booking the next parcel delivery request, simply select the ZeMaas credits option to pay with the collected credits.

Contact ZeMaas and we will help you arrange another mode of payment.

About Maas Pack

ZeMaas keeps the phone number for security purposes, and to ensure the verification and protection of account ownership. The phone number from ZeMaas records is deleted, only when you request for account deletion.

Yes, the sender receives a notification when the parcel delivery is completed by the driver.

ZeMaas recommends that you book parcels within major city boundaries only.

Yes, A parcel delivery request can be cancelled at any time for any reason, even after the driver is assigned.

Both cash and credit card payments are accepted when using the Maas Pack app.

You can download the Maas Pack app on iOS or Android phones/tablets, and can also access your account on the web version of the app by signing in at

Yes, you can. Simply assign your friend’s number before completing the delivery request.

You can assign your favourite location under the favourites feature in the ‘Maas Pack” app. Choose from previous destinations or simply add the location on the map or by address.

No, the sender will get an estimate delivery time when booking in advance. Please make sure to see the time properly to avoid any delays.

Yes, you can book future parcel delivery requests by accessing the calendar on the Delivery screen of the app.

The sender or receiver can do that by using “Refer a Friend” option. The friend will get a discount when he/she start using the Maas Pack app for the first time.

Use the “My Pack” option, and select either Sender or Receiver, and select the Past tab on the next screen. Here, the sender or receiver can see past parcel delivery requests.

The user can save favourite drivers under Settings > Favourites.

When booking a new parcel delivery request in advance, the user can press the “Calendar” button at the bottom of the map screen to access the Pickup time & date to schedule a ride request at a future date & time.

You can either cancel the request or contact ZeMaas to assist you.

Politely ask the receiver to contact ZeMaas’s help line, so we can address any issues the receiver might have.

No, you cannot cancel the request once the driver has started his journey to deliver the pakage.

Contact the ZeMaas operator via help phone number.

Contact ZeMaas operator via help phone number and we will block the sender for you.

x Zemaas is committed to caring for the well-being of our customers, partners and stakeholders during COVID-19. While the situation is improving, we continue to stay vigilant and keeping up with all the precautionary measures to keep our employees and stakeholders safe.

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