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About My Ride

To add an Emergency contact, navigate to Settings, and click on Emergency SOS, click on the add button and add your emergency contact.

ZeMaas app accounts cannot be deleted from the app directly. You will have to place an account deletion request and send it to the admin.

Creating another account with the same contact information can cause duplication of records. Hence it is not possible to create a new account with existing contact details.

ZeMaas keeps the phone number for security purposes, and to ensure the verification and protection of account ownership. The phone number from ZeMaas records is deleted, only when you request for account deletion.

The rider can access and manage his/her subcription under Settings -> Subscriptions.

To navigate an ongoing trip, select My Trips and select the highlighted route from the list.

Yes, you can cancel the request to ride even after the driver has confirmed the request. Select the driver’s information under the map and select the Cancel button.

You can connect with us through the ‘Chat with ZeMaas’ option.

Yes, you can ask the driver to wait at the pick-up point. However, after a pre-set time limit (90 seconds) you will be charged for waiting time.

Yes, you can change your destination at any time, before reaching the drop-off location.

We apologise for the inconvenience that may have caused you due to the app crash. You can try the following steps to stop the app from crashing: 1) Log out and log in again 2) Uninstall and re-install the app 3) Restart your phone. If the problem still persists, email us at

To confirm a ride for someone else, you simply need to change the contact number on the booking confirmtion screen. The driver will then contact the associated number for the ride

Safety and Accessibility

ZeMaas priortises safety and security, hence for its riders, it has created a ‘Panic’ button. When you feel that you need help or your security the compromised, you can press this button and your Emergency SOS contact (preassigned when signing up for the first time) is notified by ZeMaas with your current location and other details.

ZeMaas works with reliable and well inspected drivers, but if a conflict has risen we understand the concern and address it immediately. To help you better we would like to know more of the situation and get more details to investigate the matter. Kindly email us at to help us help you.

Having reliable drivers is a preeminent requirement for ZeMaas. All our drivers are screened and examined before they are made a part of ZeMaas.

ZeMaas rates safety and security its top priority and hence has created a ‘Panic’ button on its app. If you feel that you are in a pani situation or your security is compromised, you can press the ‘Panic’ button and ZeMaas will notify your emergency contact with your location and other details.

You can place your complaint or injury in the Help section under your most recent ride bill receipt.

You can change your drop-off point to the closest point as per the ongoing location. Or you can inform the driver if its an emergency and ask him to stop the ride right away. You can even press the Panic button to allow ZeMaas to contact you Emergency contact right away.

If the driver is approachable you can respond without sharing too much information. But, if the driver is intrusive, you can politely tell them to focus on their driving and to pay attention on the road.

If the driver asks any personal question, you have the right to dimiss his question and politely refuse and ask them to concentrate on their driving. If the driver gets persistent, you can report this incident to ZeMaas at

To create a safe and breathable atmosphere for everyone, the driver is not allowed to smoke/vape while driving. If in case an issue as such occurs, you can reach out to ZeMaas at

Having reliable drivers is a preeminent requirement for ZeMaas. All our drivers are screened and examined and personally interviewed before they join ZeMaas.

Yes, ZeMaas tracks every booked ride constantly for provision of safe experience to all its riders.

Yes, you can consume any food/beverages during your ride. But, it is also your resposibility to clean up after you are done with consumption in the vehicle.

No, the driver is not allowed to contact you once the ride is complete and the payment is processed. If you face any issue, you can report the incident to ZeMaas at

Yes, you can adjust anything that is not under the control of the driver. However, you should take precautions to not disturb the driver or put them in any danger. You should also make sure that the changes are convenient for the driver too.

Yes, you can ask the driver to drop you off at a safe location. The driver will drop you off at a safer location with no charge.

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About Maas Ride

Yes, you can pre-book your ride as per your schedule and convenience. You can do so by navigating to ‘Advanced Booking’ and schedule the time and date accordingly.

Yes, you can share your rides and also add stops before you reach your final drop-off point.

No there isn’t! You can add as many stops on your way to pick up a friend, or grab an item. As your driver accepts your added stops, you can ride with ease.

No, there’s no limitation to the number of stops. However, extra charges are added per stop and then added to the final amount. The first 90 seconds of wait time are of no charge at the first stop.

You can access your past/current rides under ‘My Trips’ option.

You can tell your friends/family about Maas Ride by using the ‘Refer a Friend’ option. They also get a discount on their ride when they use the app for the first time.

You can make complaints at the end of the trip or can even submit a report by going to the Help section of the app.

Yes, the driver can see the exact location of your pickup and drop-off address.

You can schedule your future ride requests from the ‘Advanced Booking’ option. Here you can select the time and date as per your convenience.

You can use the ‘Make Stop’ option to make a quick stop or stop your ride.

Yes, you can play your music during the ride at a reasonable and accepted volume.

You can rate the driver either at the end of the ride or at a later point by navigating to the Help section and selecting the appropriate ride.

About Payments

A cancellation fee is the amount imposed on you, when you cancel a pre-booked ride after the 2-minute time limit passes and the driver has confirmed your request. Cancellation fees is charged to compensate the drivers for their time and gas.

The charge is an authorization fee and not the actual charge. The authorization is equal to your estimated trip fare and shows in pending transactions in your bank account and is never be processed. ZeMaas does this one-time temporary authorization to confirm your payment method.

If at any point of time you feel that you were charged more or charged incorrectly, you can file a report with ZeMaas through the following steps: 1) Go to the menu icon and select ‘Your Trips’. 2) Select the trip for which you want to file a dispute and select ‘Help’. 3) You can either select the ‘I would like a refund’ option or give brief details about the dispute.

You can let the driver know about your situation. The driver will then contact ZeMaas via help phone number or Chat with ZeMaas option under Help screen to understand the options further.

ZeMaas advices to pay only in the correct currency that is displayed in the app.

You can do so when the ride is complete and your app requests your rating on the trip, then you add the tip percentage of your choice.

You can add/remove promotions and discounts under the ‘Promo code’ option.

Maas Ride app accepts all major credit cards.

No, you do not need to provide gratuties to the driver.

Yes, you can add your debit card as a means of payment in the Wallet.

You can select the ZeMaas credits option to pay with the collected credits during the booking of your next ride.

You can contact ZeMaas via help phone line, so we can arrange another method of payment.

x Zemaas is committed to caring for the well-being of our customers, partners and stakeholders during COVID-19. While the situation is improving, we continue to stay vigilant and keeping up with all the precautionary measures to keep our employees and stakeholders safe.

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