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Connecting the Dots with Smart Technologies

ZeMaas offers adaptive business models & smart platforms as enterprise software solutions that are connected under one holistic administrative system with distinct yet interconnected solutions to existing or start up businesses.

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At ZeMaas, we envision a future to serve the markets’ accelerating demand through smart logistics & mobility solutions to add value to the global contributions of solving supply chain problems.

With a hope to pioneer the high-tech logistic and mobility service across the globe, ZeMaas invites all operators, fleet owners, investors, business owners, drivers and end-users to benefit from a service that will be exceptionally tailored to serve everyone uniquely.

Why Zemaas Solutions?

One of the many advantages of ZeMaas is the bundle of apps it offers to create custom and unique experiences to each of its users:

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ZeMaas has managed to create different products with adaptive business models that earned it multiple opportunities around the globe.

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Customized & State of the Art Solutions

ZeMaas has crafted smart & state-of-the-art solutions that fit into the ever-growing shared services market.

Through adaptive and hybrid models, our stakeholders can benefit and adopt the framework that best fits their needs. At ZeMaas, we offer logistics and mobility technologies for all.

Tier 1

Delivery Governance, Mobility Governance, Courier Governance Solution

Tier 2

Delivery Management, Ride-Hailing Management, Courier Management Solutions

Who Do We Serve?

ZeMaas proposes its solutions to a multitude of stakeholders, shaping a triple hybrid model: B2G, B2B and B2C.

Stakeholders Diagram" Drivers, Medicaal, Pharmacy, Post Office, Government, Taxi Operators, Enforcement, Agencies, Grocery, Healthcare

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