Mobility and Delivery Governance Solutions for Transportation Regulators
  • February 25, 2021
  • 8 Mins Read

Mobility and Delivery Governance Solutions for Transportation Regulators

Various transportation agencies are involved in the development of and enforcement of transport regulations. Transportation regulation is administered by all levels of government and covers prices, conditions and levels of service, and the operating authority of transport units. The purpose of such government regulations is to ensure that transportation services are provided adequately and that users of these services are protected from high prices and any sort of unfair practices.

However, having monitored regulations at a micro level is not possible for government agencies.

The efficient use of transportation depends on two major factors, physical designing, that is transportation methods available to the customers and handling operational practices for such transportation. Efficiency can only be achieved if regulatory challenges and constraints are removed or replaced with proficient methods.

Currently the government faces challenges in licensing of transportation, lack of quality control and data management. Most fleet owners when they register with the government have to pay an annual or monthly fee (as per regional agreement) to operate their taxis in the country regardless of the number of taxis they own. The regulatory loses money over here since it does not have a flexible adaptive model which can charge per transaction.

An Effective Model Offered By ZeMaas

Authorities end up missing on major profit portions by giving licensing to bigger fleets resulting in unstable finances that are difficult to manage. A base fare is always decided for taxis and fleets controlled by regulatory authorities. But sometimes there is no transparency in what amount drivers charge customers that authorities cannot track. Many Taxi and Fleet drivers will take advantage and unscrupulously overcharge unknowing customers. Even If a customer complains about overcharges, it will usually never reach the correct authorities and hence nothing gets resolved.

ZeMaas offers a cloud-based software to ensure authorities have quality and fare control to make sure that there are no hikes in decided fares. Through this model, they can generate their own reports and do not have to worry about its credibility or timelines as compared to the reports they received from the fleet owners. The authorities will not have to worry about any software downtime for upgrades. They can upgrade at any time with zero downtime so they will not lose any profit.

ZeMaas Covers Every Angle

Having a standardised system and being able to control traffic and transportation policies are the core requirements of any regulatory. In the ZeMaas app, drivers are notified about traffic conditions. They are notified if a highway is blocked, under construction or if there was an accident. The driver can efficiently take another route and not end up losing time to reach the destination resulting in mutual benefit for the driver and rider. With having all operators in the system, the authorities can remove the inefficiencies that are caused in the traffic.

If there was a common integrated system with proper communication between the regions. The rules would be known and accepted by the drivers and followed. A common grievance of many taxi drivers is not knowing the right place to be available to get maximum productivity. They end up going in circles wasting time, fuel and profits. The app provided by ZeMaas is integrated with API technology. A technology of dynamic demand that informs drivers about the busiest places and the chances where they would get rides easily, instead of spending unnecessary time idle.

For example, if there is a football match going on at a large stadium, the drivers are notified of this update and are expected to be at the same location. The drivers  can work efficiently and the authorities can also have control over their traffic though the forecast predicted by the ZeMaas app .Thus avoiding any kind of traffic congestion or roadblocks.

Safety is a top priority for all parties in regulated fleet services from the authorities to the customers. ZeMaas is an effective safety measure with the ”Red Panic” button found in our app. This feature can be activated when the person feels that they are in a problem or their safety has been compromised. Once activated, the button immediately informs the proper authorities and emergency contact of the driver/rider with details like their location, car license plate number and more.

Live tracking is another such feature that is liked and endorsed by the public. People like to keep a track of their friends and family for safety reasons. They like to know if the concerned person has reached their destination safely. Through the live tracking system feature it is easy to do that and have guaranteed safety.

It is undeniable that the authorities have all the necessary assets and services they need, and what they are lacking is just efficient operations and enhanced technologies for management. With innovation and assistance from ZeMaas, the authorities will not just benefit financially, but the changes will also bring in economic development for the country. Create new business opportunities with ZeMaas  and have better control over the traffic management system and thus increase accessibility and profit.

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