Mobility and Delivery Solutions: From Hospital To Patients
  • January 27, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

Mobility and Delivery Solutions: From Hospital To Patients

Healthcare is one of the most sensitive and emerging industries that is directly contributing to the world’s shared economy model. The sector is in constant demand of upgrading its technology to better provide for their patients. However, what the industry needs in these times  is a reliable and sustainable system where  they can provide quality service and open communications with patients while not overburdening their resources and systems. In this blog, we will explain how adopting ZeMaas’ mobility and delivery software can achieve all this for your hospital and more!

The Importance of Minimising Costs and Loss

According to Joshua Mark, a healthcare analyst at CB Insights “Healthcare consumes almost 20% of our economy”. He added that home care and transportation services will become increasingly important as more seniors choose to both contact and receive most services from their homes.

Another added expense for hospitals is providing needed parking spaces for its patients. In many cases Hospitals must rent out a parking lot from a third party and make it available for its patients. So, how can hospitals make this easier with no hassle and without disturbing their existing system of years and yet training the staff to keep upbeat with the new changes?

ZeMaas Leads Into the New Age of Health Care Services

The answer is to have an all-inclusive model that offers transportation through shared economy models and AI technologies such as the ones ZeMaas provides. Although hospitals and health systems traditionally have not focused on transportation issues within their care delivery plans, there is a growing recognition that improving transportation access and support for patients can help improve health outcomes and lower health costs.

Developing an affordable and appropriate system for transportation which ZeMaas offers has now become an utmost requirement by hospitals. Hospitals can avoid the long waiting queues of patients by having a system where they will know the exact time and date of their appointments and will only need to visit the hospitals on those times, ensuring no time is lost for both the patient and healthcare professionals.

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry is providing services to patients living in remote and rural communities where there is considerable travelling distance to hospitals and medical facilities. By providing patients within house and on demand mobility services, patients will not be bothered about travel distances and parking issues. Thus, saving money and time for hospitals and patients. Hospitals can then use their parking spaces for their staff and workers. ZeMaas can make this possible with a solution that is quick, efficient, and easy to implement.

ZeMaas solutions are strategically modelled and customised for your hospital needs. If you wish to consider developing a fleet system to provide transportation services, then we can easily provide an on-demand model that covers costs on insurances. You can focus on existing resources efficiently and effectively, ensuring you give the best quality healthcare services to your patients and yielding better profits at the same time.

ZeMaas provides software solutions that ensure efficient services of transportation at low costs and on demand availability with an acceptance of payments via insurance plans and with a pay-as-you-go model for hospitals. The solutions also provide a sustainable platform that allows easy integration into existing systems and quick learning of new changes.

With safety as a pinnacle requirement for healthcare officials and patients, ZeMaas assures to give accurate results. From patient appointments to emergency travel whenever needed, we give a mutual benefit to patients and medical professionals by saving time, effort and hassle.

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