Dubai Taxi Signs an MoU with ZeMaas to Avail Latest Technology in Delivery and Logistics Domain
  • April 16, 2021
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Dubai Taxi Signs an MoU with ZeMaas to Avail Latest Technology in Delivery and Logistics Domain

An agreement to revolutionise delivery services in Dubai and enable DTC to step in, expand its brand, and utilise its fleets in delivery services. 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement was signed between DTC and ZeMaas Inc representing “Delivery Service Management”, another initiative  taken by DTC to further serve the people and businesses of Dubai towards smart, convenient, and affordable delivery services.

DTC has previously been navigating through different delivery models and operators to launch an affordable model that will allow direct  connection with clients that benefits businesses to thrive post the pandemic. The aimed model resembles the DTC’s goal to boost the economy and support Dubai businesses by reducing delivery fees, and enabling a commission free supportive delivery service that is both efficient and profitable. 

Through its existing assets, DTC is now growing its brand through the innovative delivery model on a business-to-individual and individual-to-individual scale, in its continuous ventures to boost people’s happiness and enhance operational efficiency. 

The adoption of the new delivery management and services technology will positively impact DTC’s goals and objectives of the strategic plan, including creativity and innovation, to further pursue its mission in providing innovative, excellent and sustainable services benchmarking industry best practices.

The MoU signed between Dubai Taxi Corporation and ZeMaas Inc will position DTC as a leading delivery service provider in Dubai, connecting businesses with their customers directly through artificially intelligent on-demand one-stop delivery solution.

“At DTC, we dedicate our efforts in attracting and recruiting skilled and gifted resources, adopting latest technologies to best serve the happiness of the people, and with confident and insightful steps, DTC has launched a new business line to serve all categories of delivery services seekers in the market and not only the food industry.”

-Mr. Mansoor Rahma Alfalasi, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation 

In order to perform all delivery services in an efficient manner, DTC is now stepping forward in acquiring a comprehensive and ready delivery service platform to manage DTC’s delivery services through ZeMaas’ technologies, finding their model responsive and acute to our vision and mandate” he added. 

The agreement will enable DTC to broaden its taxi operation into a logistics and mobility model and operate on-demand delivery service along the existing mobility service across its fleets. This initiative comes to respond to the increasing demand on delivery services now more than ever, and the need to support businesses and the people of Dubai alike dynamically, fairly, and smartly.

DTC signed the MoU with ZeMaas Inc, a mobility and logistics technology provider headquartered in Canada, holding intensive operational technology and an innovative business model with various ready to use delivery and mobility management solutions.

“Again, Dubai Taxi made it real and has established a benchmark in the taxi industry by transforming their business model, showcasing advancement, resilience, and prompt responsiveness to the post pandemic realism.  The adoption of such a model reflects the essence of DTC and stands as an international industry exemplar of how to smartly respond to a global pandemic by transforming from a taxi company to a mobility and logistics service provider” 

-Fadi Shawar, ZeMaas Technologies’ Regional Director of Sales. 

“Dubai’s market has a huge demand for a trusted delivery service provider and is looking to be enabled with proper technology. With consideration to the current pandemic situation, there cannot be a better time to serve businesses and the people of Dubai” adds Shawar. 

ZeMaas Inc’s technology will not only enable delivery service management apps and platforms, but will also boost safety standards through advanced end-to-end driver behaviour features and monitoring.

“The solution serves DTC’s strategic vision and mission through adding a new business line with state-of-the-art artificially intelligent systems” added Mr. Alfalasi.

By adopting this new technology, DTC will provide multiple services that are not addressed by any delivery service provider in Dubai and the UAE. This service covers a broad sector including  delivery services to any business owner of any type, size, and portfolio, along with logistic and courier services on an individual-to-individual level through its dual-sided platform in real-time. 


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