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ZeMaas’ line of apps extends its services to cover further sectors in today’s society. With almost six additional apps, we make sure our goal is being achieved with smart, safe and convenient modes of services; delivery or rides or both!

ZeMaas offers custom apps created to serve operators, fleet owners, insurance companies, enforcement sectors, city halls and our tech savvy developers.

Maas Fleet

Make use of your fleet and utilize your vehicles in better ways and gain additional revenue with the Maas Fleet app; a state-of-the-art app designed to get your fleet on the go with our drivers and services.

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Maas Operate

Expand your chances and operate across the globe! With Maas operate, you pick a region you would like to introduce ZeMaas to and get delivery services and mobility solutions out on the road.

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Maas Enforce

Sustain safer communities and allow technology to assist you in doing so with the Maas Enforce app; crafted to provide solutions that get you further access to real-time operations on the road.

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Maas City

Getting cities connected and helping people move and access services is what we offer in our Maas City app; joining hands with city halls, we provide and app that will allow cities join today’s world of shared service.

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Maas Insure

To all insurance companies specialized in vehicle and driver insurances, the Maas Insure is your one-stop solution into accurate and efficient insurance policies with further access to real-time traceability.

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Maas Developer

Get your APIs for whatever technology you’re crafting with the Maas Developer; an app that will provide with the tools to broader success and technology solutions. Integrate, operate and succeed.

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