Responsive Digitization of the Pharmaceutical Industries: Medicinal Delivery Time
  • May 26, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

Responsive Digitization of the Pharmaceutical Industries: Medicinal Delivery Time

Takeout bag2020 has made it possible to get anything delivered at your doorstep. Right from books, to groceries to even flowers. At first it may seem weird to have your medicines delivered at your doorstep since we are so accustomed to the traditional methods of going to a pharmacy and getting a refill yourself. But this year has changed all the traditional methods and brought in a revolution of delivering each and everything. The demand for delivery has grown faster than you can open an app on your smartphone. Experts predict food delivery service alone to be worth $76 billion by 2022

What started primarily as a food industry service has spread to almost every other sector of retail. Every day more retail businesses add delivery to their repertoire in response to growing expectations as reported by Pba Health. But why is delivery an option for pharmacies? What reason can they have to change the client-customer processes they have used for decades now?

Online Delivery: The Future for all Services

Offering delivery options at your pharmacy is a great way to connect with consumers who have come to expect convenience from businesses. A study presented at the 2016 International Stroke Conference looked at nearly 100,000 patients after hospital discharge between 2006 and 2015. Overall, patients who received their medications by mail achieved adherence 74% of the time, while those who used a traditional pharmacy were down to 47%.

PillsWith a medication management service that includes home delivery, you can have confidence that you will be getting the right medications, dosages, and dosage forms. This may reduce your risk of adverse reactions and hospitalization. But getting delivery services from existing platforms who are already in the business may prove to be difficult. Many third-party vendors in the market are already loaded with tons of deliveries and are overwhelmed. ZeMaas offers delivery services and that too customisable services based on your business needs and type. 

Another benefit of using advanced computer technology and robotic dispensing tools is greater efficiencies throughout the medication management process. With the rise of clinical care in pharmacies, it only makes sense for pharmacists to pick up where physicians left off. Home deliveries provide a new point-of-care for pharmacists, providing the possibility for dedicated and recurring one-on-one appointments between them and their patients. 

ZeMaas Knows What Pharmacies Need


Online pharmacies offer a new level of convenience for customers. With just a few clicks, they can get their prescriptions filled and mailed right to their front door. Patients do not have to leave their house, navigate traffic, or wait in crowded lines at their local pharmacies.

ZeMaas ensures that all medicine delivered will be made on time. Customers will only be happy and satisfied when they get their deliveries on time and businesses can therefore prosper further. With ZeMaas as your delivery partner, not only will your business prosper, your customers will be happy and will gladly continue to get their medical services from you. 

The competition between big box stores and independent pharmacies continues. While all different types of pharmacies like big box, independent, and online offer delivery. But pharmacies using ZeMaas delivery services give patients a more personal delivery experience that many consumers now desire. That is the edge that continues to set independent pharmacies apart from other options: the personal touch.

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