Retailers and White Labelled Delivery Technologies: Need or Want?
  • August 22, 2022
  • 4 Mins Read

Retailers and White Labelled Delivery Technologies: Need or Want?

BoxesWhy would any growing business try to have a service in-house when there are multiple services that they can outsource to easily? That is a common question that most retailers or consumers would ask. Both these types of delivery solutions are offered in the market and end up creating holes in the profits of retailers. 

Computer screenThird-Party delivery services sometimes are not on time and charge a heavy fee of 30% of the profits. To make sure things get done right, many retailers attempt to create their own delivery system. However, this led two a whole new set of problems for them. Building delivery systems is a difficult and time-consuming process, not to mention any additional time it takes to troubleshoot errors and apply updates. In short, these businesses spend unnecessary time and money on something outside of their core competencies, when their attention should be focused on growing their business and brand in a struggling market.

Closed businessWhile some brands and retailers may have been successful in such transitions, they still failed to keep up with the consumer demands and staying on time deliveries. According to a report by The Independent, at least 225,000 parcels each day fail to arrive when promised. 60% of people shopping online last year had problems with delivery of their item. Evidently, this proves the importance of having an efficient delivery system that is always on time for consumers. 

ZeMaas iPad screensSoftware as a Service (SaaS) solutions are now becoming an increasingly popular trend with businesses. They are easy to integrate and upgrade with no downtime. ZeMaas is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider that can help retailers escape the vicious cycle of either outsourcing or in housing delivery systems trying to compete with the big brands in the existing market. ZeMaas not only will upgrade your internal systems for present delivery needs, but also enhance the state-of-the-art systems for future usage as well. ZeMaas is always ready for any unexpected circumstances that can happen in the market. 

There has been enough customer loyalty lost during the pandemic and inefficiency in the delivery system. ZeMaas can help retailers get back on track with such versatile and flexible solutions. 

Without losing their competitive edge, retailers can hire ZeMaas solutions to take care of their deliveries and cater to a larger customer base easily with features like live tracking and profiles for all fleet vehicles. Delivery is no longer just e-commerce to home; it is now a complex part of the omni-channel ecosystem. ZeMaas technologies allow platforms to enable shipments from stores, lowering costs for retailers and customers alike.

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The conclusion is clear:  Enhanced delivery channels drive a satisfied customer experience and boost sales. Learn more about ZeMaas Technologies here.

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