Safer Experience

with ZeMaas

Safety Matters!

At ZeMaas, safety is our top most priority. Whether its with the drivers on the road, passengers during their rides, or with any delivery service. We have added safety measures as a paramount in all our services.

Stay Alert, Drive Safely

Ride with ease and safety anywhere with ZeMaas. With reliable drivers, perpetual availability and features like live tracking we can help you get to your destination securely and promptly.

SOS Button

To provide a secure and protected environment for our users, we have created a ‘Red Panic’ button in Maas Drive and Ride apps. At any time during the rides, if you feel unsafe, you can press on this ‘Red Panic’ button. ZeMaas will immediately notify your emergency contact with your current location.

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Real Time Tracking

ZeMaas offers real time tracking of your rides and deliveries. The feature also lets you access your past and current trips.

Reliable Drivers

Having reliable drivers is a preeminent requirement for ZeMaas. All our drivers are screened and examined before they are made a part of ZeMaas.

Find out more about the Maas Drive and what you need to know to become a ZeMaas driver.


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