The Changing Phase of Healthcare Industries with Mobility and Delivery as a Service                   
  • January 6, 2021
  • 6 Mins Read

The Changing Phase of Healthcare Industries with Mobility and Delivery as a Service                   

The healthcare industry has seen sustainable technology driven upgrades when digitising all aspects of its operational cycle. Having digital medical records for patients has now become a common thing for diagnosis and documentation of reports. But is that all that the industry needs at this time? Now more than ever we have to consider the process of providing services to patients from longer distances while keeping the same quality and efficiency.

Delivery is Going Digital

Healthcare providers are committed to providing quality healthcare for the community in a socially responsible manner, yet hospitals are still overwhelmed each day with the increasing number of patients, and pharmacies are not able to deliver medicine on time since they are overburdened by the number of requests and deliveries.

The increasing preference for digital healthcare solutions can provide healthcare even in remote areas efficiently where access to health care providers is challenging. Due to its rapidity and convenience, patients can contact physicians for minor illnesses and avoid self-diagnosis now more than ever.

Mobility solutions in Healthcare can streamline the process of medical transition and provide better quality care to patients. A study by Zebra technologies revealed that the use of mobile devices such as handheld mobile computers, tablets, cordless barcode scanners and mobile printers in healthcare organisations across the world is on the rise.

The survey also revealed that 72% decision makers felt that mobile devices are improving the quality of patient care, giving clinicians actionable intelligence at the bedside and reducing errors.

The same report also revealed that an expected 97% of bedside nurses and 98% of physicians will use mobile devices in hospitals by 2022. With mobility solutions in the picture for hospitals, the industry is in a very strong situation by providing excellent services to its patients and at the same time optimising time and effort with dynamic technology solutions. 

The ZeMaas Difference

Why go with ZeMaas for your medicine delivery solutions? We can help pharmacies deliver medications on time. Having a routine technology is the utmost requirement, where you are reminded to refill prescriptions of your patients. The solution provides delivery solutions for your patients and allows prompt delivery and mobility of medications and patients to and from their appointments.  In short, ZeMaas solutions lets you manage, govern and operate in one single platform. Having patient centred services not only enables quick delivery, but increases productivity by catering to more patients in less time with a more efficient system. 

Healthcare providers are committed to providing quality healthcare for their community, But they are challenged  with an ever-increasing number of patients. But with ZeMaas’ mobility and delivery software solutions, patients will always be aware of their doctor’s schedule reducing the number of no shows. It will be easy to prioritise by having insightful real-time data about patients’ mobility and medication delivery. 

A Unique Cure to A Common Problem

ZeMaas provides a two-sided delivery platform that can help build the bridge between healthcare providers and valued patients, with smart, and ready to integrate delivery and mobility solutions that will govern, manage, and operate the entire process between health service users and providers. 

ZeMaas offers state-of-the-art technologies that will foster a dynamic on-demand medical delivery service to sustain the comfort and well-being of patients, saving them the hassle of having to personally contact one or even more people for their medical needs. Accessibility to healthcare services and appointments is guaranteed when transporting patients to and from their appointments whenever needed while keeping their safety as the top priority.

As a software as a service provider (SaaS), we will add value to the existing healthcare services and foster the initiatives towards a happier and healthier future for patients. 

As a healthcare industry professional and operator, we can help you pave a new road to mobility and deliveries of patients and healthcare workers.

ZeMaas offers a solution for those who can’t make it to the hospitals/pharmacies each month to have their prescriptions refilled. Healthcare officials can do more in less time while still providing quality in a socially responsible manner. With ZeMaas’ seamless solutions the healthcare industry can be well integrated with existing or new healthcare devices and systems both easily and effortlessly.

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