The Rise of Door to Door Delivery in 2020
  • December 15, 2020
  • 5 Mins Read

The Rise of Door to Door Delivery in 2020

Signs of the current market began right when the first outbreak of COVID-19 happened in China back in December 2019. Since then we have seen surges in orders, disruptions in supply chains, customer behaviour changes, store closures and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had an effect on various types of businesses and the e-commerce market is seeing a significant impact as a result.

Distribution and supply chain cycles have been affected on a major scale and retailers cannot keep up with the increasing demands of basic needs like groceries, medicine and toiletries. We have seen unprecedented times this year and we expect things will get even tougher as COVID-19 cases surge in many parts of the world. It is clear that consumer purchasing cycles will be forever changed well after the COVID-19 outbreak is over.

The Current Systems Fail to Deliver

The need for having seamless delivery services is growing more than ever with online platforms becoming an essential part of life. Having essentials and food delivered to doorstep is the new normal and keeping up with consumer needs is the top priority of retail businesses. According to a survey done by Coresight Research in February this year, 47.2% of US internet users were avoiding shopping malls, 32.7% were avoiding general shops and 74.6% claimed they would avoid physical shopping entirely if the COIVD-19 situation continued to worsen.

Brands now need to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs. We have learned the hard way during this pandemic that the current methods of supply chain management are insufficient. At ZeMaas, we believe digitising and upgrading technology are key methods on where the current system can be improved, to close the current gap between supply and demand.

The Pitfalls of In-House and Third-party Delivery Systems

Many retail businesses are facing challenges due to the sheer demand and volume of deliveries that can include groceries, cleaning supplies, medicine and more. Having an in-house delivery service in a business is expensive and time-consuming due to testing and building the needed technology (like a website or app) with their brand name to keep track of the deliveries, invoices, stock etc.

If a business opts to use a third-party delivery service, they can end up paying more than 30% of their profits to the partner service as a commission fee. However, this is the only option for small to medium scale businesses that lack the money to create their own in-house delivery service because there are no better solutions in the current market.

ZeMaas has the Solution at Your Doorstep!

Delivery boxIn the age of COVID-19, businesses require a sturdy delivery software that ensures the delivery of essential goods and services to their customers. A delivery software that can help manage the business owners inventories, stocking and delivery processes to keep their delivery platforms stable. A flexible supply chain that will help your business minimise risks and increase profits. With ZeMaas you can manage all your orders directly because we will provide our already tested and proven software solutions. You can gain the benefits of both in-house and third-party delivery services while avoiding all of their flaws.

Brand name recognition and customer loyalty are the two key things to a successful business. To promote your service and serve more customers in a shorter time, what is better than an on-demand delivery service model that gives you the flexibility of paying only when you use it? Using ZeMaas will help your business and brand grow in the market instead of a third-party delivery service. You gain more profits and earn your brand name the recognition and success in the market that you deserve with our seamless delivery solutions.


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