The Untapped Industry of Taxi and Fleet Owners
  • December 1, 2020
  • 5 Mins Read

The Untapped Industry of Taxi and Fleet Owners

Not too long ago, taxi and fleet owners would view busy and dense city areas and see a steady supply of customers. But with the COVID-19 outbreak,the market saw a drastic change. Within a matter of days everything was shut down and everyone was made to follow “stay at home” orders and only leave when absolutely necessary. Companies that could let their employees work from home can survive in this market with minimal issues. But that obviously is not an option for taxi and ride-haling services, thus they were now facing a serious dilemma.

The Pandemic had a huge blow on the taxis and fleet owner with the unprecedented decline in ridership. According to the Canaccord Genuity pricing tracker, ride-share fares dropped by 6% month over month in March. New Yorkers took just 4.3 million ride-hailing trips in April at the height of the pandemic, a 79% drop from the 20.6 million trips recorded in January. Taxi owners saw their numbers fall even further, from 6.8 million trips in January to just around 273,420 in April, a 96% drop as reported by citymetric.

To overcome the losses and overcome the challenges, taxi companies and ride-hailing services changed the way they offered services. Cities came back with strict laws and restrictions for ride-hailing services due to the enforced social distancing guidelines. Customers began to stop using ride-hailing services due to fear of the spreading pandemic, losing confidence that they would remain safe using them. What possible solution could there be for taxi and fleet owners when all these factors are leading to a dead end?

Pave A New Road to Success With ZeMaas!

ZeMaas solution is offering a software system that will utilise your existing fleets and taxis by proven software systems to only for rides, but for other in-demand services like delivering goods. Not only can you utilise your existing fleet better, but you can also directly manage them better and yield more profits. Drivers can earn more offering the delivery of goods as the service has seen major increases in demand since the pandemic began.

Taxi and fleet services lose money every minute their drivers are idle. But with ZeMaas’ technology, there is no time wasted. You can optimise your resources better by knowing where the demand is coming from . You get a detailed guide system that reports on drivers, vehicle locations, KPIs and much more. With our advanced API system, drivers can know where and when there demand for rides and deliveries will be.

ZeMaas provides an innovative, yet easy to understand SaaS model that can easily be integrated into your fleet service system. You get a one-stop solution that will cover every angle and statistic you can think of as a fleet owner allowing you to maintain your business with minimal additional costs and effort. Our systems will also ensure the job satisfaction of your drivers .They will have increased freedom in their routines and an increased volume of work. This all leads to increased profits and success in the market.  


Stay Safe Anywhere You Go!              

Safety is the top priority for any fleet owner or taxi service providers. Lack of real time safety features can shake the riders confidence and thus lose their business. ZeMaas has included a “Red Panic” button to provide the maximum safety for you and your passengers. When activated it will immediately inform the proper authorities and the users emergency contact with details like their current location and the vehicle number they are travelling in.

Our technology also provides 100% transparency in the entire journey. Drivers can be tracked and traced with their current location. ZeMaas’s solutions enable the owners of taxi and fleet services to properly conduct/document the driver’s behavior and ensure that they are following the local laws and adhering to the speed limits. Having a comfortable, easy and safe ride has now become an essential part of our lives. With proper adherence to guidelines and enhanced technology solutions, fleet and taxi services can not only survive but thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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